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Fear Factor – 10 Creepiest Hotels to Visit in Europe

Taking your next trip to Europe and seeking supernatural and paranormal sightings and experiences then here is some of the scariest hotels to visit in Europe.


Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh is known as the most haunted cities in all of Europe featuring many ghost sightings and paranormal activities. Edinburgh Castle dates back to over 900 years and has reportedly seen many paranormal activities such as the headless drummer, spirits of French prisoners of the Seven Year War and colonial prisoners of the American Revolutionary War who were imprisoned in the castle, a phantom piper and many more.



Ancient Ram Inn

The Ancient Ram Inn is known to be one of Britain’s most haunted B&B accommodations and home to what reports says over 20 ghosts. Located in Gloucestershire, it is said that the building is built upon an ancient pagan burial ground, was home to occult practice and child sacrifice. Some guests have reported to hear a child wandering the hallways, poltergeist activity and evil spirits. Some guests of in the past reportedly fled for their lives after experiencing various violent paranormal activities.



Chateau de Brissac

The castle is located in the Loire River Valley France is said to be haunted by the spirits people call the “Green Lady” who is often seen roaming the rooms, amongst other. However, reports also say that these hauntings is due to the deaths experienced in the castle within the 15th century.

Chateau de Brissac


Gwydir Castle Hotel

The location of Gwydir is in Wales and has a history of ghost sightings, some include sightings of a grey woman, a young woman in the north wing, Sir john and several others.

Llanrwst, Gwydir Castle, Dining Room, from the Door


Haunted Vicarage – Sweden

The Vicarage is reported to have experienced ghostly paranormal activity throughout the years dating back to the 1920’s. Vicars who resided in the vicarage have reported to experience various supernatural experiences. It serves as a B&B with guests now continuing to experience unusual activity by unseen beings, like the feeling of a cold hand on their foreheads whilst asleep, one couple witnessed an unseen entity grab the man and dragging him down the stairs. Guests receive a certificate if they are brave enough to endure a whole night’s stay.



The Royal Palace in Stockholm

The palace has been a Royal residence since the 18th century. It is said a harbinger spirit is said to be spotted in the palace wearing white and a veil covering her dark hair, she also wears gloves and carries a bunch of keys. Over the years the families have witnessed her presence which is more apparent before someone dies. The “Grey Man” appears at least once before each reigning king.

The Royal Palace in Stockholm


Talbot Hotel

The Talbot Hotel, England features some ghostly occurrences some say due to the events that have occurred within its very walls such as the beheading of Mary Queen of Scots. The remains of Richard III’s remains were recently found in the establishments parking lots. It is said that Mary haunts the hotel to this day with poltergeist encounters reported by guests.



Castello della Castelluccia

Located in Rome, the Castello della Castelliccia does not only have a history of being the residence of many aristocratic families since the 11th century, it has also seen many deaths and now guests and staff report various paranormal activities.



Ballygally Castle Hotel

The hotel is located in Ireland with a rich history since its establishment in 1625. It is said the spirit of Isobel dwells within the Castle. She was imprisoned by her husband on speculation of being an adulterous and not able to bear a male heir. She committed suicide by jumping out her dorm window. It is said that guests can still her knocking on the doors of rooms and strange hours, children’s laughter in the hallways and some also believe that amongst the spirits includes the likes of Lady Nixon and James Shaw the husband of Isobel.



The Schooner Hotel

This establishment is so haunted poltergeist groups in Great Britain have dubbed it the most haunted hotel. Apart from several ghost and paranormal activity sightings within the hotel, rooms 17 and 28 are prevalent given the murders that occurred there.


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