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10 Travel Essentials to Bring with You on Long Flights

Long flights can be pretty straining and boring as well especially if you are traveling alone. We have compiled for you a short list of the top 10 essentials that you must carry with you in all cases when boarding on long flights.


The pillows that you get during a flight will never be as comfortable as the ones you will bring with you on your own. Bring along an inflatable pillow and enjoy a good sleep on a pillow that is soft and smells good as well.
Pillow - 1 - 10 Travel Essentials to Bring with You on Long Flights

Eye mask

During long flights, instead of waiting for the cabin crew to dim the lights, bring along an eye mask. This will allow you to sleep in whenever you want not when the crew wants. A must have for the people who can’t sleep in bright lights.
Eye mask - 2


Long flights can be pretty noisy. With the noise of flushing toilets, crying babies and those chatty passengers, you might want to filter it all out and enjoy some peace and quiet too. Earplug or headphones that can cancel noise will be a handy essential to have in your backpack in such times.
Earplugs - 3

Sanitizing wipes

It always helps to extra cautious. You wouldn’t want to catch on some germs just because you didn’t pay proper attention to hygiene. Bring along some sanitizing wipes to clean off the food trays, seat controls etc. before you touch them.
Wipes - 4

Compression socks

If you traveling in economy class you might want to bring these along to avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) that can lead to dangerous blood clots in your limbs.
Compression socks - 5

Entertainment items that are non-electronic

During long flights, constantly being hooked on to electronic gadgets will tire you out. It helps to bring along some books or games that are non-electronic which can come in handy when your battery frizzes out.
Puzzle - 6

Sleep aids

Traveling on such high altitudes can cause sleep issues in some people. It helps to bring along some sleeping aids that can help you sleep in when you are having trouble dozing off for whatever reason. Along with this, it is also advisable to bring along some basic medicines that you might need on the way.
Sleeping aid - 7


Eating while you travel can make traveling fun and light. Carry on a lot of snacks that you can munch on as you take on such long flights. Also, it helps to bring on clean water with you since you wouldn’t want to bug the flight attendants every time you would want water.
Snacks - 8

Pen and paper

It helps to bring along a pen and paper with you that you can write on during such long traveling hours. You can play games with the passengers next to you or write down important stuff that comes to your mind.
Pen and paper - 9 - 10 Travel Essentials to Bring with You on Long Flights


Wear a large scarf. This can be used as a pillow or can take the shape of a blanket if it gets a little cold during the flight. No waiting for the fight attendant or using the airline’s thin, scratchy versions.
Scarf - 0 - 10 Travel Essentials to Bring with You on Long Flights
These are just a few essentials that you might want to carry with you on long flights to make them more comfortable and less strenuous.

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