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10 of the Coolest (and Hottest) Places to Stay in Europe

If you are looking for a holiday with a difference you could consider staying at one of these spectacular resorts. Some of the most unusual, and memorable, places to stay in Europe.
Las Cabañas del País Vasco (Spain)

You better not have a fear of heights, if you want to go here. With just two treehouses perched 17 metres up in the beautiful forest and camouflaged to blend with the background, these tree houses can really get you away from it all. When you come back down to earth you are still in the wild wood which is based between two national parks.
Las caban%cc%83as del pais vasco - 1 - 10 of the Coolest (and Hottest) Places to Stay in Europe
Carros Cíngaros (Spain)

Looking for a more nomadic feel to your holiday? Maybe Gypsy caravans are more to your liking. These 4 lovely gypsy caravans are based in the garden of a country farm house. They have heating and lighting and all other amenities in a handy annex
Carros cingaros espana - 2
Märchenhotel (Germany)

If you want something a bit more down to earth, the Märchenhotel is just the thing. This hotel has 14 fairy tale themed rooms and is based in a 350-year-old spa town. So for wonder inside and out, this hotel has something for every age group.
Ma%cc%88rchenhotel - 3
Iglu-Dorf Andorra (Switzerland)

This amazing igloo village is somewhere you may consider if you love the ice and snow and fancy a little skiing.
Iglu dorf andorra - 4
URBANAUTS Street Lofts (Austria)

These amazing street level loft rooms are a way of preserving converted shops, studios and workshops in old Vienna. This unique idea puts you right in the centre of the culture of Vienna. Spread across the city you are able to really experience the authentic feel of this lovely old city.
Urbanauts street lofts - 5
Airplane Suite (The Netherlands)

For something completely different, why not try a suite in an airplane? Based in the Netherlands, this plane that carried dignitaries for years is now converted to a suite with luxury matching only the top hotels. Private Jacuzzi and 3 flat screen TV’s to name just a few items. The cockpit is untouched so you can dream you are a pilot too.
Airplane suite - 6
Sala Silver Mine (Sweden)

This amazing underground suite is 155 metres below ground, so definitely not for the claustrophobic. Based in a historic silver mine in Sweden. You can see vast caverns and follow galleries to magic lakes. This underground world is dark and dank but it celebrates a time of mining when silver and lead were taken from here by hand.
Sala silver mine hotel - 7
TreeHotel (Sweden)

For the not so brave, this tree hotel in Sweden is much closer to the ground than the one above. This ecologically friendly hotel allows you to live at one with nature among the trees.
Treehotel sweden - 8
Solent Forts (England)

These forts in the Solent UK were originally homes to armed forces protecting the Southern Coast of England. They are now individual and unique Hotels offering the best in hotel luxury.
Solent forts england - 9 - 10 of the Coolest (and Hottest) Places to Stay in Europe
Ice Hotel (Sweden)

No list of unusual venues would be complete without the famous Swedish Ice Hotel. It comprises ice rooms, snow rooms and for the less rugged also has warm rooms. The hotel is made of ice from the river Torne, each year reincarnated in a brand new design. A place to discover silence, northern lights, glistening snow clad forests, reindeer, cloudberries, kettle coffee and much more.
Ice hotel sweden - 0 - 10 of the Coolest (and Hottest) Places to Stay in Europe

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