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Our Must Have Travel Apps for Your Next Trip

There is almost no aspect of life that has been spared from the impact of technology. Continuous innovations in technologies have made lives easier. In earlier times, people wanted to travel in style. Now, they want to travel in style and with ease. Travel has become easier with the advent of smartphones. You won’t find many people that don’t travel without a smartphone in their pocket. Check out these great applications that will enhance your travel experience.


To make sure that your travel time does not get interrupted with unexpected weather changes, it is important to have some weather information beforehand. WeatherPro is a one of a kind weather application to use. it carries various features like cloud formation, humidity, atmospheric pressure and wind speed. You can access all this information in a beautiful interface. The accuracy of the application is quite high so that you can expect rain when it says it is going to rain.
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Packing Pro

Perhaps packing a suitcase is the most boring part of travelling. It is difficult to pack everything you need properly into one suitcase. The reason is that sometimes we insist on taking things that we don’t even need but feel uncomfortable without. Packing Pro is the best app to solve this problem. Enter your destination, travelling time period and who you are travelling with. Packing Pro will give you a suggested list of packing items as an output.
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Perfect World Clock

Travelling can result in jet lag. It is difficult to estimate time difference when your mind is not fresh. Perfect World Clock does exactly what it says in its name. the application will tell you the exact time of various cities around the world. It is kind of messy to have several clocks on your smartphone screen. This application is not a technology revolution but really helpful.
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Emergencies can occur anywhere. To be in trouble in a foreign land can be overwhelming. TravelSafe provides a database of emergency service numbers for many travel destinations. If you can pay for the Pro version, then you will even have access to embassy numbers, ambulances and fire engines.
Travelsafe - 4


Many destinations require a connection of flights to reach. Killing time between flights can be irritating. LoungeBuddy helps you find good lounges in over 500 airports around the world. You can enter your trip details and service level in LoungeBuddy to pull up lounges that you can access either for free or a one-time free pass. You can also upload photos and reviews to share your lounge experience with other travellers.
Loungebuddy - 5
Planning to travel can be exhausting. It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling for pleasure or business; it is good to have the advanced technology right in your hand to help you along your way. Technology has created innovative and informative apps that can help level up your travel experience.

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