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Keep Them All Happy – Best Places to Travel with Kids

Kids can very picky about ordinary issues so when it comes to travelling with them, it is important to choose a destination that they can enjoy to the fullest. Travelling with kids can also make parents worry about their safety. The travel and hospitality industry has built so many destinations like theme parks that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Consider these places that will fascinate and entertain both kids and adults.


Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove is located in Orlando, Florida just a few miles northeast to the famous Disney World. Many kids love to enjoy time with animals. Dolphins are the main attraction at Discovery Cove. Dolphins are famous for their friendly and playful nature. Kids need to be six or older to actually experience swimming with them but children of all ages can enjoy Discovery Cove in general. There are fantastic birds in the aviary and you can also look at the other sea creatures. The destination is a bit expensive but the package includes eating and photographs.
Discovery cove - 1 - Keep Them All Happy - Best Places to Travel with Kids
Museum of Science

Museum of Science is located in Boston, Massachusetts. If your kids are into science then this place is bound to leave them in awe. There are so many other destinations that can be visited in Boston but Museum of Science deserves at least half of your day. There are an interactive musical piano steps and a virtual fish tank. The place hosts a fun food court with a view of the Charles River.
Museum of science - 2
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Seashore

This is located in North-western Lower Michigan. You will be amazed by the height of the sand dunes here. If you have hyperactive kids then you can expect them to roll down on these dunes and have fun. Too cool of and relax you can later visit the Esch Road Beach.
Sleeping bear dunes national seashore - 3
Dinosaur Valley State Park

This destination is located in Glen Rose, Texas. Kids are fascinated by old extinct creatures and this park has some of the best-preserved dinosaur tracks. You will have a ranger that will guide you through your tour to see the footprints left by duck-billed dinosaurs and three-toed meat-eaters. You can also swim in the blue hole upstream.
Dinosaur valley state park - 4
Ground Zero

The incident of 9/11 is perhaps something the world will never forget. It is a great way of teaching your children about the tragedy and to find an emotional connection with the victims. Two reflecting pools are set at the footprints of the twin towers. The pools are surrounded by bronze panels that display the name of the victims. You can later visit the nearby battery park and catch ferries to Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island.
Ground zero - 5
There are so many destinations around the world which kids should really visit to make childhood memories. Travelling is a great way to teach children about different things. If you can afford frequent travel, then do visit the must see destinations of the world with your kids.

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