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Stay Healthy and in Shape when You Travel

Summer is that time of the year when you get a much-needed break from routine and go visit some exotic place. It doesn’t mean a break from your work only, rather a letup from your regular lifestyle. Quietude comes with a price which often includes a disruption in your fitness routine. When you’re a fitness maniac, the only dark side of travelling is the break it induces in your daily workout. Well, keeping your priorities in mind we have devised a list of things which you can do to stay in shape while you are travelling.
Walk around the Town

The best way to enjoy the beauty of a new place is by walking around. It not only gives you a chance to meet local people and share experiences but it also burn your calories. You can fix a specific number of hours which you’ll spend walking and exploring new vistas around your travel destination.
Walk around the town - 1 - Stay Healthy and in Shape when You Travel

Yoga and Push Ups

Meditation helps you develop a sound mind and it keeps your body fit as well. Yoga is a popular way to stretch you. You can do it in your hotel room or somewhere on the hillside in the city you’re staying in. Apart from yoga, pushups, planks, crunches and other muscular movements will also help you stay fit on your travel.
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Use Stairs

Instead of lifts and escalators, use stairs in your hotel or in the malls you visit. It increases your oxygen consumption and is very good for your legs. You can also find some monument near your hotel where you can run up and down the stairs. It is a sure way to remain fit.
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Wake up Early and go Jogging

Whenever you travel and wherever you travel, pack your jogging shoes with the luggage. Set your routine to wake up early and go out jogging, during your travel. It is the easiest and most effective way to remain in shape even when you are miles away from your gym.
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Swimming and other Calorie Burning Activities

You will easily find a swimming pool in the hotel you’re staying in. Get some free time out of sightseeing and go swimming. You can find other calorie burning activities around you, like beach soccer or volleyball.
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Find a Gym in your Hotel

Make sure you’re staying in a hotel which has gym facilities. You can spare some time from your day routine to spend in the gym.
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Use a Bicycle to Complete your Travel

Travelling on a bicycle is gaining so much popularity these days. You should also hire a bike on your vacations and cover all your travel destinations on it. Obviously, it will take more time than travelling on a motorbike but it’ll be more fun as you will be to enjoy a better sightseeing and will get to meet more people on the way. It will keep you in shape as well.
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Your vacations are meant to make you feel relaxed. It is important that you don’t over stretch yourself and enjoy your vacations. Drink plenty of water and do these little improvisations in your routine to stay fit when you travel.

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