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Sit Next To A Celebrity Next Time You Travel!

For the rich and famous, booking through a regular online travel agent just doesn’t cut it.  Thanks to the relatively new phenomenon of closed network travel sites, celebrities are staying at the best hotels for a fraction of the costs found on mainstream booking sites.
Closed Network Travel Sites

“These invitation only travel sites have emerged as the fastest growing – and often the most sought after segment of the travel industry in North America,” says Jenna Moore, president of a Florida-based, closed network travel agency.

“Closed network sites are the hottest trend in the travel industry, providing luxury condominiums and hotel suites in some of the world’s most beautiful, and exclusive locations for only a fraction of the normal cost.”
Celebrities On The Move

Money isn’t the only thing to be gained from using a closed network travel site. Random Chase, a California based talent agent from the San Francisco Bay area, joined a closed network travel site last May and is taking full advantage of his membership booking all of his high-profile clients and celebrities through the site.

“I travel a lot for business, and many of our clients require bookings at the last minute in high quality hotels. Due to its closed network booking status, it  allows us to book quality hotels and suites across the globe at considerable discounts over sites such as, and Expedia. If you can make a reservation at the best hotels and at the best rates, why not do it”?

In addition, Chase says he and many celebrities regularly use the network to play at exclusive country clubs, allowing them access to a whole new set of great courses. “It blends the concept of exclusivity with hotel prices that just can’t be beat by regular travel sites.”
Take Your Pick

One of the more popular in-demand closed network travel sites is
Limited access ensures you get the highest level of service, fastest connections, and best availability. It’s a personal service site, meaning you won’t be lost in the crowd – or crowded out of the best deals. So if think you have what it takes to travel with the rich and famous for the best price available, now’s your chance. Who knows – next time you check into that hotel you might be staying next to your favorite celebrity!

With so few options out there, we don’t blame you for being curious–or confused–about closed network travel sites. That’s why has compiled a list of the best closed network travel sites for you to check out.



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