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10 Best Gay Friendly Cities

While the world has changed and moved on there are still cities across the planet that are a bit more welcoming when it comes to the LGBQT community. They are destinations where gay people can be assured that they will be welcomed with open arms.
I’ve got a rundown of 10 of the best!


10. Torremolinos, Spain

If you’ve ever been to the Costa del Sol in Spain, then you know there is great public transport that leads to each town along the beach. One of those is Torremolinos. The nightlife scene is incredible and there are over 20 gay clubs and saunas to choose from during your visit.
Torremolinos spain - 1 - 10 Best Gay Friendly Cities

9. Glasgow, Scotland

Scotland is already on the list of places to visit for a lot of people, but Glasgow is home to a rich gay night life with Merchant City being home to many bars and clubs. You can get your fill of museums and art galleries during the day, before heading out to soak up the night life come nightfall.
Glasgow scotland - 2
8. New York City, New York
NYC has a gay nightlife that is both overwhelming, and vivid. There is an endless choice of gay bars and clubs, whether you’re looking for a loud and proud atmosphere, or a quite lounge. Greenwich Village is where the Stonewall riots occurred, but the new hot spot for the LGBTW community is Hell’s Kitchen.
New york city new york - 3

7. Toronto, Canada
Arts, parties, galleries and theaters- Toronto has it all.
Toronto canada - 4

6. London, England

London is home to Europe’s largest LGBTQ community and the pride parade is one of the largest in the world. London already attracts millions of tourists annually, but it’s a big draw for the gay community with plenty of bars and clubs, as well as being the capital of theatre, and gay art. Old Compton Street in SoHo is the hub of all of the gay activity.
London england - 5
5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

It isn’t just the cannabis capital of the world, it’s also a city known for its gay scene and it’s general “Live and let live” attitude. Plus, it holds the world famous Canal Parade.
Amsterdam netherlands - 6

4. Madrid, Spain

Madrid is home to the largest LGBTQ community in Spain, it’s estimated that there are 500,000 LGBTQ people living in the city which makes it one of the largest gay communities in Europe. Cheuca is where all the action is happening, it starts at Gran Via and stretches 1km to Calle Hortaleza and Paseo de Recoletos. Orgullo, Madrid’s gay pride parade, draws crowds of almost 2 million people.
Madrid spain - 7

3. Berlin, Germany
Berlin has been a draw for the community since the 1920’s and it still is with a non-stop party on offer everywhere you go.
Berlin germany - 8

2. Sao Paulo, Brazil

The largest city in South America, the third largest city in the world… and the world’s largest gay pride parade, drawing nearly 4 million people.
Sao paulo brazil - 9 - 10 Best Gay Friendly Cities

1. San Francisco, California

Perhaps it’s no surprise to find San Francisco at the top of the list, it is one of the most important cities in the history of LGBTQ rights, and activism. San Francisco is home to a massive gay nightlife, as well as a large transsexual community. If you are gay and you haven’t been to San Francisco, what are you doing with your life? It is the gay mecca! More than 15% of the population is gay, and it is home to more drag queens (per square foot) than anywhere else in the world.
San francisco california - 0 - 10 Best Gay Friendly Cities

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