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10 Traveling Essentials You Can’t Afford To Travel Without

When traveling abroad, it is good to know that there are some essentials that you wouldn’t want to miss out on when packing your bag.
1.   Smartphone

It is a good device to carry for keeping you connected with Wi-Fi device. You can have all sorts of applications installed on your phone that can help you during traveling. Install some free messenger that lets you stay connected, Google maps to help you find ways.  Smartphones can be very useful when traveling.
Smartphone - 1 - 10 Traveling Essentials You Can’t Afford To Travel Without
2.    Shoes that are comfortable

You wouldn’t want to ruin your whole trip because of wrong shoes that keep hurting you and make it very difficult to walk in them. Carry comfortable light shoes that make traveling easy.
Shoes - 2
3.   Camera

We all like to take pictures when out traveling. Do not rely on your phones only and carry a good camera with you that will let you take numerous snaps without you worrying about storage space. In case you like to take lots of pics, you can even pack another memory card with you.
Camera - 3
4.   Earplugs

During your flight when all you would hear would be the snoring of the passenger next to you, you would wish to have carried one of these earplugs with you. Carry them along since they are really helpful during your hotel stays as well.
Ear plugs - 4
5.   Travel towel

A little pricey investment but if you travel a lot you would want to invest in those to save yourself the towel costs hotels put on you when they supply you with one. These are easy to fold and take up very little space in your bag.
Travel towels - 5
6.   Grocery bags

Bring along some grocery bags with you when traveling. They will be helpful when you would have to pack away your dirty, wet laundry in your traveling bag. With these bags, you wouldn’t have to worry about your whole bag stinking of dirty clothes.
Grocery bags - 6
7.   Laundry detergent packets

If you planning a long trip, you would want to keep some packets of laundry detergent with you. They can be extremely handy. Even if your hotel does provide laundry services, during long visits, having detergent with yourself will save you money.
Detergent - 7
8.   Headphones
When at a new place, there will be a lot of traveling. Having headphones of your own can make traveling easy for you.
Headphones - 8
9.   Packable daypacks

Look for backpacks that come with removable daypacks. This way while traveling you wouldn’t have to carry your whole bag with you. Just pack on the few essentials in the daypack and you are good to go. In case you want to go hiking, these daypacks can be really helpful there too.
Daybacks - 9 - 10 Traveling Essentials You Can’t Afford To Travel Without
10.   Journal

Many people like to record their whole traveling journeys in a written form in their journals. People they meet, places they visit, food you eat; all goes in their journal.
When traveling, there is just so much going on around you. We are sure that all the above-mentioned essentials will make all your trips hassle-free and more enjoyable.
Journal - 0 - 10 Traveling Essentials You Can’t Afford To Travel Without

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