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30 Common Tourist Scams to Avoid

Tourists are in danger of being scammed because they are not familiar with the area they are in and are not able to speak the language of where they are. Below are 30 tourist scams you should avoid so you can have an enjoyable vacation.


1    Drivers who have rigged meters and take longer routes to charge more because you lack knowledge of the area
Rigged metter - 1 - 30 Common Tourist Scams to Avoid
2    Taking an overnight bus can be risky despite they charge less because they go through your luggage and steal your valuables
Bus luggage - 2
3    Drivers, shop owners can drop your change “by mistake” and give less expensive coins or notes
Change - 3
4     When you have a punctured tyre be careful because people helping you can steal valuables in your car
Flat tire - 4
5     When you enter a busy train be careful of pick pockets
Busy train - 5
6     Observe when drivers take out your bags from their car so they will not go off with one
Taxi luggage - 6
    Cashiers count your change slowly so you will be impatient and accept whatever you are given
Cashier - 7
8     Cashiers pretend to busy while photographing your card so it can be duplicated
Cashier - 8
9     There are fake policemen who will pretend there is a problem and demand a fine to solve it
Fake police - 9 - 30 Common Tourist Scams to Avoid
10     While queuing at the ticket office, you may be offered a higher priced ticket to avoid the queue but it may not be real
Ticket scam - 0 - 30 Common Tourist Scams to Avoid
11     A local who speaks your language may offer to help you at an ATM but memorizes your card details
Atm snooping - 1 - 30 Common Tourist Scams to Avoid
12     People offer to sell you a map and their friend pickpockets you
Pickpocket - 2
13     A beggar will approach you as a distraction to pickpocket you
Beggar - 3
14     You will be offered a free massage but will later be disturbed to pay a fee
Street massage - 4
15     An attractive woman will approach you for dinner and you spend lots of money
Gold digger - 5
16     You will be given a damaged camera to take photos of some friends when it doesn’t work they will demand cash for repairs
Broken camera - 6
17     When seated you will offered free peanuts but once you eat you will be asked to pay
Peanuts - 7
18     Avoid street games because while watching someone can pickpocket you
Street game - 8
19     Someone will offer you a friendship bracelet and place it on your wrist while someone pickpockets you
Bracelet - 9 - 30 Common Tourist Scams to Avoid
20     Someone approaches you and your girlfriend with a rose at a high price forcing you to buy so you will not look bad
Rose - 0 - 30 Common Tourist Scams to Avoid
21     Someone stains your jacket, offers to clean it and steals stuff in your pocket
Jacket - 1 - 30 Common Tourist Scams to Avoid
22     Someone offers to shine your shoes for free but demands for money after
Shoe cleaner - 2
23     Someone will offer to take photos of you and run away with your camera
Camera run away - 3
24     People could pretend to be room inspectors and steal your valuables
Housekeeping thief - 4
25     Someone can offer his music CD for free when you accept he then demands for money
Cd - 5
26     You could be offered drugs and when you accept a fake policeman appears and requests for a large fine to avoid jail
Drug bust - 6
27     Someone ask you to teach them your language and from there tell a story to get money from you
Story - 7
28     A child will tell you about his poverty story and demand money
Child - 8
29     Avoid fake charity donations
Fake charity - 9 - 30 Common Tourist Scams to Avoid
30     Be careful not to fall for buying fake jewelry
Fake jewelry - 0 - 30 Common Tourist Scams to Avoid

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