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6 Stunning Castles to See in Ireland

6 Stunning Castles to See in Ireland
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From medieval ruins to hotels, dozens of ancient castles are dotted across the picturesque Ireland scenery. The art is which ones you can just cannot miss. Here are the some famous ones that you should must see. They will take you back to your childhood when fairy-tale stories about princes and princesses who lived in enchanting castles were just a vision from medieval times. Let you inner child see and feel their beauty from within.

1    Blarney Castle

Each year in southern Ireland thousands of tourists visit Blarney castle. Situated near Cork, Blarney Castle was built in the 15th century. Some of the buildings date as far as 13th century. It is the most famous castle because of Blarney Stone. You kiss the stone to gain “gift of the gab”. Its floral gardens are spread over 60 acres. It was constructed by an Irish Chieftain namely, Cormac McCarthy around 600 years ago.

2    Bunratty Castle

You need to reserve a banquet at Buratty even before you reach Ireland. This fortress built by MacNamara in 1425, is located in Folk Park which was an old Viking camp. It is 7 miles from Shannon Airport. It is one of the notorious place to help yourself to a medieval traditional feast.
Women dress in ancient gowns serving you pork, bread and goblets filled with mulled mead. You get to eat like knights at a long wooden bench. Quartet plays in the background offering cheery environment.

3    Doe Castle

Situated in County Donegal in Northwest Ireland Doe castles is a wonderful castle. It is surrounded by water on three side and was erected on the neck of land with a cleaved moat in rock. It is best viewed from the village Dunfanaghy which is across 10 miles. It is an ancient and rustic building for sightseeing.

4    Cahir Castle

Cahir Castle is one the largest, well preserved medieval castles. It was constructed in 1142. Formed on a rocky island on River Suir in Tipperary, it is located in central Ireland. Cahir Tower provides a magical view from its tower of the Irish countryside.


5     Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle has the repute of a fairytale castle in County Galway. Once owned by the Guinness family and preserved remarkably, this is an 800 year old castle. Now it is a 5 star luxury hotel. It is a notorious choice for destination wedding venue because of its intricate interior in gold and lush lawns.

6     Ross Castle

Sitting on the edge of Killarney’s lower lake, Ross Castle was built by O’Donogue Mor in 15th century. According to the legend, O’Donogue is still asleep in the waters if Lough Leane. Every seven years on the morning of 1st May , he rises from the waters and circles the lake on his white horse. Anyone who sees him is guaranteed good fortune for good.

Whenever you visit Ireland, makes sure you visit these beautiful masterpieces of medieval architecture.

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