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Avoid These Car Rental Rip Offs

There are a lot of car rental companies out there who are ready to exploit and take advantage of you. So before you hire that car, there are several things you need to look out for to avoid paying more than you bargained for. They include the following:


Excessive Costs
Insurance is included when you hire a car but you may realise it comes with excessive charges which is the amount you have to pay to take care of the cost of an accident before the policy actually starts. This amount can leave you empty handed if something goes wrong.
What you can do to avoid this charge is to buy an excess waiver policy which reduces the charge to nil or a small amount. Try not to wait till you get to the counter or desk to purchase the waiver but purchase it right at home before you travel which will cost you a small sum.
Excessive costs - 1 - Avoid These Car Rental Rip Offs
Avoid Paying Ahead for Fuel

Car rentals make a lot of money through the prepaid fuel option so you need to be careful. If you are asked by a rental company if you prefer the option of paying ahead for a full tank of fuel instead of filling up before bringing the car back, say no. This is actually a ploy to rip you off because when you think of it do you return your car rental with no fuel in the tank….no, so whichever way you look at it you are always paying for extra fuel.
Avoid paying ahead for fuel - 2
Option of upgrading

When you get to the rental company desk to pick up the car you have booked, you may be told that vehicles in your category are no longer available and you will need to be upgrade but this will be for a higher price. Do not agree with this because you should be given the option of getting a better car at no extra cost or a lesser one with you getting a refund.
Option of upgrading - 3
Do not pay for stuff you can bring yourself

When driving will you need a sat-nav or baby seat, if so then bring it with instead of hiring from the car rental company because it will be cheaper bringing your own. If you are travelling abroad there are airlines that will not charge you extra for bringing your own car seats or push chairs while there are many sat-nav that cover the UK and Europe. You can also consider buying extra software or download an app for your smartphone.
Bring yourself - 4
Avoid purchasing at the desk

With having so much to plan before going for a trip or holiday, you can decide to hire a car until you reach your destination. When you book for a vehicle in advance you save a lot of money which you can spend on other stuff and also you avoid getting a vehicle that does not meet your requirements and needs.
Avoid purchasing at the desk - 5
Inspect and take a photo of the car

Before you leave with the car make sure you inspect the car thoroughly for any damage including the interior and exterior, tyres, bumpers, floor mats, lights, under the vehicle among others and take a photo and get someone at the car hire company to take note and do the same when you return the car.
Inspect and take a photo of the car - 6

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