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Best Airlines To Fly When Traveling with Pets

When choosing the best airline that is suitable for traveling with your pet, it isn’t about you in the long run; it is about your pet. As such, an airline that treats your dog as an entity will be a perfect fit for traveling. The Humane Society of the United States discourages transporting your pet by air except when it is totally necessary and even in such case, the pet should be allowed to stay in the passenger cabin.


Passenger Cabin
If your pet must travel by air, then the best place for it to be is where you can monitor it all through the flight period and that is in the passenger cabin. If the airline will not allow you to take your pet into the passenger cabin, then it is not the safest option for your pet. The only exceptions to this case are;

  • If the pet is big and as such, will not fit underneath the seat
  • If your pet is unruly and will constitute a nuisance in the cabin


Direct Flight
When traveling with your pet, it is best to chose an airline that will take you directly to your destination and not one that require airline transfers



PetAirways is all about pets, so it’s little wonder it comes on top of Petfinder’s list of Top Pet-Friendly Airlines. PetAirways exists only to commute pets and no human passengers are allowed. The pets, which the airline calls Pawsengers travel in their individual carrier in the main cabin. The limitation here is that PetAirways exists in only nine cities of the country but if you have access and don’t mind your pet traveling separately from you, then PetAirways is the premium choice.


JetBlue has an impeccable dedication to the comfort of your pet. The airline is also the only domestic airline that provides a pet-friendly travel guide and there is a perk for you if you travel with your pet often enough. This is one airline that integrates the fact that our pets are dear to us to their service programs and yet, for all the perks and comfort provided your pet; the fee is just $100.


With the Delta Pet First service, pet owners have variety of traveling options from which they can choose the most suitable for their pets. Compact pets like small dogs, cats and birds are allowed to travel in passenger cabin at $125 one way.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest charges the lowest pet fee while ensuring that pets have a comfortable flight. However, this airline only allows small pets and is particularly budget friendly for transporting your furry babies. With Southwest Airlines, pets can fly for as low as $75.

Air Canada

This airline recently changed its policy to become pet–friendly and since then, it has only been getting better. With their handy team of trained, certified and professional animal care staff, you don’t have to worry about your pet’s safety.

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