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Best Places to Visit in Spain

Spain is a wonderful country, home to a wealth of history, museums and ruins. It also happens to be sunny most of the time, so while you make your way round the bars (or galleries) you can soak up some much needed sun and a fantastic atmosphere.



The city of Toledo was the Spanish capital up until the 16th century. It’s nestled on a mountain top in the central part of the country and has been called the “City of Three Cultures”. This is thanks to the fact that for centuries it was inhabited by Jews, Muslims and Christians. It’s still a popular destination today because of its historic art and architecture, dating back to the Roman Empire. There are medieval streets and a stunning synagogue, mosque and cathedral to see, too.
Toledo - 1 - Best Places to Visit in Spain


Granada offers a unique perspective of Spain- traditional culture, animated nightlife and amazing attractions. Mainly, the world famous Alhambra is a medieval complex that overlooks the entire city offering an absolutely breath taking view. It is one of the most impressive architectural sights in Europe. There are no signs telling you what area you are seeing or walking through so it’s wise to pay the extra money for a tour, or to buy a book beforehand. There are two restaurants just outside of the Alhambra, so you can enjoy a leisurely drink and meal before or after your tour. It is incredibly hot in Granada, so don’t forget to wear cool clothes and bring sunscreen.
Granada - 2

Barcelona is considered one of the top travel destinations in Spain (and in the world, too)- it offers great shopping, culture, and a lively nightlife. Barcelona is home to some incredible architecture of Spain’s most famous architect, Antoi Gaudi. His works include Casa Batllo and the world famous Sagrada Familia Church. The church is still being built after being started in 1882 and abandoned due to the Spanish Civil War.
If architecture isn’t your thing, you can hit the beach to soak up the rays.
Barcelona - 3


The capital of the Andalusia region and it is the regions cultural capital. There are plenty of tourist attractions, too, including festivals and a busy nightlife, not to mention incredible landmarks like the Cathedral of Seville, which is where Christopher Columbus’ body is entombed. Another point of interest is the Alcazar, a UNESCO world heritage site, which also happens to be where Columbus planned his journey across the Atlantic. All Spanish trade at the time had to be run through Seville and it was in the Alcazar that such decisions were made and contracts were written.
Seville - 4


The birthplace of Pablo Picasso, a city that is rich in historical sites. It also happens to be home to a street that was voted one of the most stylish shopping streets in Spain. There are over 30 museums to choose from, including a Pablo Picasso museum and a birthplace museum. There is a plethora of tapas restaurants to tour and you can even head to the marina to enjoy an ice cold glass of tinto de verano while you soak up the sun.
Malaga - 5

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