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Best ways to carry money when you travel

Managing your money while traveling demands proper thought and planning. Keeping all your money in a single wallet will make it easy for pickpockets to leave you stranded in a place where you might not know many people. You should do arrangements which will make it hard for thieves and pickpockets to have access to your money. Today, electronic money and cards are more popular than they used to be ever before. However, many of us still like to carry money in cash with ourselves. In such a situation, we should know what options we have to keep our money safe.
Less Cash – use ATMs
Always carry cash up to a minimum possible level. Carry credit cards and debit cards with yourself. You will easily find an ATM, using which you can withdraw money. ATMs levy a small sum over money withdrawals, so it’s a cheap and easy way to carry money with you while traveling.
Atm - 1 - Best ways to carry money when you travel
Keep Money in different Places
It is an effective way to keep your money safe while traveling. All you need to do is divide your money and keep it in different places. For instance, you can keep some amount cash in your luggage, some in body pouches, and only a small proportion in your wallet.
Money different places - 2
Anti-theft Bags
Anti-theft bags are easily available in the market. These are cut proof, slash proof and have zip lockers. These bags are available in different designs which allow you tie them around your body. It helps you keep your money safe when you’re on the go.
Anti theft bags - 3
Money Belts
Money belts have space, secured using zippers, which allow you to keep your money in them. You can put roll your dollar bills and put them inside one and wear it like a regular belt with your pants or shorts.
Money belt - 4
Neck Wallet
It is a pouch where you can put your money connected with a cord which allows you keep the money close to your body – around your neck. A neck wallet stays under your clothes and doesn’t allow pickpockets to steal money from you.
Neck wallet - 5
Leg Pouch
A leg wallet straps around your calf and has enough space to hold a handsome sum of your money, your passport and credit cards. It helps you to keep your valuables safe any potential thief making it impossible for him to reach it.
Leg pouch - 6
Fanny Packs
You can keep the money, cards, passport and other documents in a fanny pack and tie it around your waist. Their belts are made of a splash free material with snatch-proof anchor locks. These are available in different styles and colors, ensuring both fashion and security. Waterproof fanny packs are available in the market which can be used in wet conditions.
Fanny pack - 7
With an increase in trends of traveling, incidents of theft and pocket picking have also witnessed a tremendous increase. It is better to be prepared for any uncertain condition. Ensuring safety measures allow you to enjoy your vacations up to maximum.

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