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How to Find Gold at the Beach

Finding gold has become the new hobby of people nowadays. Ever see guys lingering the shoreline running metal detectors? You think they are collecting trash? No. They are the people looking for gold. Yes that is right. Finding gold is the new thing at the beach. People are buying metal detectors and screening local beaches, swimming areas, lakes or prospective water ways.


Beginners do not find anything except for trash and scrap but a true hunter, does not come back empty handed. His pocket is full of coins and pieces of jewelry. The reason behind this that experienced gold finders can read the beach. Yes, they are well aware of the conditions and use their machinery accordingly. A trained gold finder keeps two to three beaches and learns all about it properly. He is well aware of the fact that where the gold items are likely to be found.
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Gold diggers are capable of a smart technique of using and understanding their machines. Certain basic ways and pointers followed by you can assure you that time is not wasted by you and you certainly possess the energy and potential to find the treasure.
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First of all you have to ascertain that your metal detector suits your hunting style and the beach you are hunting. Which sand section you want to hunt? Dry or wet? Waterproof units protect your machine from the saltwater and high mineral components present in sand and sea. If you have a land machine, dry sand searching might prove to be fruitful. But there is a hazard of damage because of water and sand.
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Do a keen research and purchase an impressive waterproof machine with pulse induction technology. It will ensure an increase in your findings. It is essential that you equip yourself with your metal detector deeply and study its responses to various items. This will help you to predict the depth and the metal.

Allow yourself to find the most by deciding your place of hunting. If you opt for a dry area, look for those places where most people lie down, tan themselves, apply lotions or play games. High foot traffic areas are the most suitable.

Observe and take mental notes whenever you are on the beach. When sand is removed from a place, deeper buried items become within reach.

Another important thing is to study the weather. Watch the tides, winds and waves so that you can determine when erosion shall take place. Use old swimming areas for research you will still find some lost items and coins there.
Remain low key. Take time in responding to your targets and detector with your ears. And fill any holes that you may dig.

Keep calm and patient. Learn your machine first and then use it. It is the consistency that shall earn you a goodie-filled ready to be taken home. I am sure you will find these tips positive and helpful in you gold-finding venture.
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