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How to Travel to Easter Island on a Budget

Many people have lost interest in travelling to Easter Island because of the price involved. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Yes, travelling to Easter Island will cost you money but there are ways you can go about it to reduce your expenditure to a very affordable price while retaining accessibility to the glorious, ecstatic and beautiful offerings of this well conserved island. The following tips will help you enjoy the charming allure of Rapa Nui, as it is known to its native inhabitants.


Fly in on Low Season

It is no secret that the biggest expense of Easter Island is the flight to it. For the location that accommodates the most remote airport in the world, its situation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean makes it a far reach and as a consequence, the all round flight ticket cost a lot. LAN Airlines is the only airline that flies to the Island. However, if you chose to fly at off-peak periods (April-November), you can buy tickets for as cheap as $600 and if you land a deal for yourself, the price can even go lower than that allowing you to save a fortune on travel expense.
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Choosing Accommodation

Budget accommodation on the island cost as much as $80 for a night. However, if you have the heart for it, you can get way cheaper accommodation by booking for only one night to rest on your first day and scouting for accommodation in person once you arrive. This method will mainly work if you visit at off peak periods. If that is too risky for you, you can also seek accommodation on Airbnb as these can go for as low as $18 per night. It is best to team up with other people in this case and you can rent a Cabana instead of a hotel or hostel. A third option will be to camp in Mihinoa which costs about $12 per person.
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Dining on the Island
Meals can cost a fortune on the island if you don’t come prepared. If you will spend only necessary amount on food, then you must have brought essentials from Santiago before flying to the Easter Island. If you need to buy anything at all, buy from the local shops where the inhabitants do their shopping and not from the supermarket. Moreover, if you also need to eat out, do panaderias.
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Exploring Easter Island
This is why you have spent so much already and it is absolutely essential you do not compromise on the value of the experience you will get from this. To have the most wonderful discovery of Easter Island, rent a car with some other people or a bicycle and tour the island on your own. A hired guide will only rush you through the sights. You can rent a car for two days at about $90.
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Since you won’t want to leave the island without a memorabilia, buy souvenirs at artisanal markets; they are cheaper there and support the local economy.
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