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Make Money Traveling – Some Cool Ideas

Love to travel? But have to work as well? Why don’t you turn your vacation into “workation”. Yes, both can be achieved. Make money traveling means you don’t have to keep a tight fist as money keeps coming in. You are free to explore the planet without being stuck at a job abroad. Never let your work stop you from traveling. You can take your work with you wherever you are.

Before starting with the options, take into account your field. How much of it is portable? With a proper Wi-Fi and suitable communication tools, working from your personal laptop is the easiest way. It is called being a digital nomad nowadays. As for payment, make sure you have a setup of PayPal account. It is famous worldwide for payments straight away.

Let’s go through some ideas. You can find a one you might be interested in.

Au Pairing

Au pair or commonly known as house sit has few restrictions of age though, but it is still a smart way of getting around with free accommodation. You get a free bed, boarding plus money. It does not mean baby sitting or supervising renovations. Stick to a trusted agency.
Au pairing - 1 - Make Money Traveling – Some Cool Ideas

Free Lancing & Tutoring

Having an engineering or web-developing job is a great way to make cash on the go. You should have access to your online portfolio so you can grab opportunities as they come by.
Apart from this, you can tutor dancing, singing, math, languages or any other subject you are good at. Your profile should be niche specific.
Free lancing - 2

Be a Travel or Tour Guide

English is known as the Lingua Franca. If you are good at it, you can become a tour guide. There are a number of agencies who appoint tour guides on temporary basis.
Travel guide - 3

Outdoor Work

If you are an active outdoorsy person, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you have a wide variety of jobs to choose from. People always need someone to pick flowers, fruits or vegetables. Farms have all sort of different activities. Moreover, resorts and summer camps have a number of jobs which are tough but pay well.
Outdoor work - 4

Salons Services

It is not odd for travelers to provide with quick shave, massage or a haircut to hostel or hotel guests.
Other services like pedicures, manicures, facials & make-up can be given too. If you can create a connection with chain of hostels in a certain region getting clients will be easy.
Salon services - 5
Hotels, Bars & Restaurants

If you hang around tourist spots, it will be easy to get a bar job or waiting tables in the peak seasons. Helping hands are always required in peak tourist season.
Bars - 6

Street Arts

Playing an instrument, singing, dance or any other skill you have can help you earn. You just need to get that right corner on the right street. You will earn enough to get a meal or get a room in a hostel for the night. Research beforehand.
Street arts - 7
You might find some of the above mentioned jobs worth a shot. You never know what interesting people you will meet and things you will learn.

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