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The 10 Creepiest Hotels To Visit In The United States

The 10 Creepiest Hotels To Visit In The United States

Why visit a creepy hotel if it has the possibility to scare the living daylights out of you? Well many people opt to visit a hotel with an eerie back story simply for the fun of it and also because these hotels are very charming and offer you a great stay either way.

1. Marshall House

The hotel is said to be one of the most haunted establishments in the United States. Located in Georgia both staff and visitors have reported seeing a man holding his own severed arm looking for someone who will help him attach it as well as men wearing Civil War attire wondering the hallways. Other paranormal activities include taps turning on and door knobs rattling on their own.
Marshall house georgia - 1 - The 10 Creepiest Hotels To Visit In The United States
2. The Stanley Hotel

In 1909 the earl of Dunraven and his wife Flora opened the doors to the Stanely Hotel, which she helped her husband achieve his dream of the hotel being one of the most lavish escapes into nature built to capture the finer things in life that only a grand hotel can. However, managing the place required lots of hard work which over the years, with the couple not being able to manage it by themselves, the hotel slowly lost its splendour and was nick named haunted. Needless to say bestselling author Stephen King drew inspiration from the haunted establishment and The Shining was born. Paranormal specialists still say that the Stanley Hotel has mass paranormal activity even to this day.
The stanley hotel - 2
3. Chelsea Hotel New York

The Chelsea Hotel is said to be one of the most haunted establishments in New York. The hotel has also been a stopover for many famous personalities, and has seen a fair share of deaths too, including the likes famous poet and writer Dylan Thomas who was considered ill in health and used alcohol. In 1953 he was found dead in room 206 where he stayed. Visitors to the hotel say sometimes they can see his face in the room where he stayed. Nancy Spungen a popular groupie and stripper in the 70’s who became involved with Sid Vicious of the band called the Sex Pistols. In 1978 Nancy and Sid resided in room 100 of the hotel it is also where her body was discovered and Sid arrested for her murder, he too later died of heroin. It is said the hotel is haunted by their spirits and the spirits of others.
Chelsea hotel new york - 3
4. The Bullock Hotel

Founded in 1895, the hotel is situated in Deadwood South Dakota the Bullock hotel is said to be haunted by its founder and first sheriff of the town Mr. Seth Bullock a keen carpenter too. Paranormal activity is seen and felt on the 2nd and 3rd flaws where appliances are said to be turned on by itself and guests and staff alike claim to have seen Seth in the corridors of the establishment.
The bullock hotel - 4

5. Hotel Del Coronado

Located in San Diego the story of a young woman who took her own life in the hotel after waiting 5 days in vain to meet with her beloved in 1892. Staff and guests say that there are cold spots, fragrances and items operating by itself, it is said the hotel is haunted by Kate Morgan.
Hotel del coronado - 5
6. The Heathman Hotel

Located in Portland Oregan, the hotel is said to be haunted by poltergeist spirit, rooms 703,803 and 1003 and it is said one of the hotel’s guests jumped to this death and now haunts all the rooms he passed whilst falling.
The heathman hotel - 6
7. The Copper Queen Hotel

Guests have reportedly heard footsteps and laughing of a little boy who is said to have drowned but his parents were workers at the hotel and this is why his presence is here. It is also said that a popular prostitute of its time names Julia Lowell frequented her clients here and at age 30 she admitted to having in love with one of them, but he rejected her and it was in room 315 were she took her own life due to this. She is reportedly only seen by men and whispers in their ears and sometimes does a striptease when they awake from sleep before gradually disappearing. An old long haired gentleman’s spirit is also seen in the hotel, guest can often smell cigar smoke when he appears or has been in their presence.
The copper queen hotel - 7

8. Congress Plaza Hotel

The hotel is no stranger to paranormal activity with noises coming from the grand ballroom with nobody present and appliances turning on and off at will. It is said that the establishment’s former owner the notorious Al Capone haunts the place.
Congress plaza hotel - 8
9. Le Pavillon Hotel

The hotel is situated in New Orleans and is said to be haunted by several ghosts including a young women who some say was killed by a runaway carriage. She can be seen in the hotel’s lobby pacing, dressed in a hat and wears a clutch, long black skirt and a shawl. Sometimes she bumps into people and says “sorry” then vanishes. The spirits of a couple is also present in the hotel. The woman died of grief shortly after the husband abruptly died after the two went for a walk nearby.
Le pavillon - 9 - The 10 Creepiest Hotels To Visit In The United States
10. Lord Baltimore Hotel

The hotel is said to be haunted by the spirit of a little girl who came to her death on the 19th floor. The spirit of the girl is seen frequently on the 19th floor and throughout the hotel rooms and passage ways.
Lord baltimore hotel - 0 - The 10 Creepiest Hotels To Visit In The United States

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