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The 10 most dangerous places to be avoided for vacations

When planning a family vacation, there are some places in the world that you might want to avoid. Given below is a list of top ten most dangerous places in the world that you might want to sidestep as a vacation spot for your next trips.


10. Caracas Venezuela

It is the capital of Venezuela and is a very unstable place to live in. Street crimes, gang wars, drugs gangs are common occurrences in this area. Not only Caracas, many other cities of Venezuela have a, considerably, very high crime rate too.
Caracas venezuela - 0 - The 10 most dangerous places  to be avoided for vacations

9. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Mexico is a place which is associated with drug trafficking and violence. Ciudad Juarez is known for its high crime rate involving drugs, murders, and mugging. The police in this region are not much of a help as well. Most of the crimes here go unpunished because of this.
Ciudad juarez mexico - 9 - The 10 most dangerous places  to be avoided for vacations

 8. Cape Town, South Africa

Although the place is enriched with natural beauty and is a favorite resort of many tourists but social unrest and widely spread poverty makes it a very dangerous place to be in.
Cape town south africa - 8

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil has a lot of cities that are prevalent with high crime rate but it is only Rio de Janeiro that attracts a lot of tourists. The place is a lot safer than it used to be years ago, but still when visiting this place you should be taking common safety precautions to stay safe.
Rio de janeiro brazil - 7

6. Guatemala City, Guatemala

Guatemala, a Central American nation in South Africa is plagued with drugs, violence, and crimes involving murders, robberies etc. With a very high crime rate, it is advised to stay in the safer regions when visiting this place.
Guatemala city guatemala - 6

 5. Acapulco, Mexico

Although many cities in Mexico aren’t safe but Acapulco ranks a little higher on the list of dangerous cities because of its murder rate which is the highest in the world, around 142 per 100,00. It is a very beautiful place to be in, but it is because of this lack of security that one should avoid at all costs.
Acapulco mexico - 5

 4. Baghdad, Iraq

The place has been declared unsafe for Americans since years. Bombings, killings, riots are a common sighting in this region and with the place’s future at the brink of uncertainty, it should be avoided as well.
Baghdad iraq - 4

3. Kabul, Afghanistan

Terrorist attacks, bombings are common in this region even though U.S troops have pulled out of it long ago. In the light of current events, no one should visit this place without a good reason.
Kabul afghanistan - 3

2. Karachi, Pakistan

Political insecurity and terrorism in this part of the world make it one of the top most dangerous cities in the world to be in. Karachi being a hub of this violence is advised to be avoided by all tourists.
Karachi pakistan - 2
1. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

With a killing rate of 169 per 100,000 and illegal arms trafficking being a common problem here, it is the most dangerous place to visit in the world.
San pedro sula honduras - 1 - The 10 most dangerous places  to be avoided for vacations
Vacations are always supposed to be full of fun. Avoid these places when planning any trip so that you can get to enjoy your time off.

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