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Things To Remember When Traveling to England

England is, and shall remain to be the most loved and notorious tourist destination. It charms people with its history, architecture and not to forget pubs. There is a gigantic pot of melting cultures there.
Bath, Oxford and the other small cities offer remarkable culture and less hustle.
England’s countryside is all we have read about in books and seen in paintings.

Many tourists presume that just because English is spoken in England, life and travel will be the same as in America. Well, that is not true. A lot of things need to be kept in mind as there are major differences which the travelers should consider to avoid embarrassing themselves or others.

Now let’s see some of these pointers so you have a memorable trip;
Lodging & Accommodation

There are no such things as motels in England. There are hotels and Bed and Breakfast commonly known as B&B. The hotels are costly. B&B are a comfortable, neat, cheap and hospitable.
You might have to share a bathroom. Room are usually very comfy and you get generous hosts.
Lodging - 1 - Things To Remember When Traveling to England

England is packed in summers and all places for staying fill up in advance. Make sure to make your B&B reservations in February.
Travel light and in good climate .September and April trips save you money.
Reservations - 2
Travel and Transportation

We know that they drive on the left in UK. To enjoy your trip to the most rent and car. It just takes some practice.
For common commuting use the “tube” or subway. In England, people walk and stand on the left follow this or else you shall disrupt the foot traffic in rush hours. Use the train only when travelling to the north.
Travel transportation - 3
Food & Drinks
There is a quite a variety of food to choose from in the larger cities. There are good options of Indian Food and vegetarians.

Eat a good breakfast at B&B. Pub food is great. Salads are rarely available. Salad(chicken or ham) means item served with green salad next to it.

Drinks are served at room temperature and ice is not used.
Food drinks - 4

GBP is a strong currency. Euros are accepted at some shops. You will be charged often on ATM transaction. Make sure you budget for it. Call you bank before you leave for your debit/credit cards to be used in UK.
Currency - 5
Language & Etiquette

The English are very proud of their culture and country and with good reason too. Good manners are necessary in England. Other than the major difference of accents, words mean different as well. Like in British English, use “loo” for washroom. Your elevator is “lift”. Ask for a dustbin if you need to throw trash.
Language - 6
Places to See

Do not only visit London. Get out of the city, drive or you will miss the best part. The true beauty in the small villages and the countryside. Consider staying at out skirts to minimize the commuting costs.
Things to Do
Places to see - 7
Public museums have free entry throughout England. It is a learning experience. Get 2 for 1 and 50% off deals at selected restaurants with the Taste of the UK card. Eat the lunch specials which cost less. England has beautiful cathedrals make sure you visit them and appreciate 15th-19th century architecture.
Things to do - 8
You are all set for your trip now. London’s Calling… !

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