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Top 10 Theme Parks In The USA

Amusement parks are everyone’s favorite; kids and adults alike. We have compiled a short list of the top 10 amusement parks in the USA that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


1. Six Flags Magic Mountains

This place has the some of the world’s best colossus when it comes to technology and mixing up great features like stopping the train upside-down, sharp turns etc. If you want to experience all the coasters that it has, you want to visit it during weekdays to avoid the crowd.
Six flags magic mountains - 1 - Top 10 Theme Parks In The USA

2. Hershey park

Located in Pennsylvania, this park has rides and entertainment for the whole family. Recently, it opened up an indoor coaster ride, the first of its kind, the Laff Trakk coaster which touches the speed of 40mps while it goes racing and spinning through the colorful house.
Hershey park - 2

3. Six Flags New England

The park is known for its coaster Bizarro and the wicked cyclone; a coaster that has two zero-G rolls. Apart from this Six Flags New England, in Massachusetts, has a lot to offer in terms of other rides and coasters too.
Six flags new england - 3

4. Six Flags fiesta Texas

Located in Texas, this place has a lot of rides based on superheroes but to date, it is known for the 4D free Fly coaster “Batman: the ride”. The ride allows the riders to control its spin with the kick of legs.
Six flags fiesta texas - 4

5. Universal studios Hollywood

If in California, you must visit this park which is a home to many TV series like The Simpsons, Springfield and the wizarding world of Harry Potter. All the rides are based on their characters and provide a great colorful environment to be in.
Universal studios hollywood - 5

6. Kentucky kingdom

Like many other amusement parks, it has rides and coasters that you wouldn’t want to sit on with a full stomach. The park offers a train ride on 2,260 feet of track and five inversions. Apart from the infamous T3 it has many other rides to offer too.
Kentucky kingdom - 6

7. Carowinds

Located in North Carolina, the park is known for its famous ride, Fury 325; the tallest and the fastest ride in the world which challenges all the brave riders to come and experience its fury.
Carowinds - 7

8. Holiday World and Splashing Safari Water Park

In Indiana, it is a great way to enjoy water rides along with its famous ride of Thunderbird which takes you in for a thrilling ride as it speeds up from 0 to 60mph in just whopping 3.5 seconds.
Holiday world and splashing safari water park - 8

9. Knoebels

If in Pennsylvania, visit this park that offers free entry and pay only for the rides you get on. In case you like rides that involve 90 degrees free fall and sharp twist and turns, you would want to enjoy a ride on its infamous Impulse.
Knoebels - 9 - Top 10 Theme Parks In The USA

10. Silver Dollar city

It is an expensive theme park in Missouri which offers live shows, food and plenty of rides, the most famous being its Fireman’s landing which drops the riders from 8 stories as they scream their way down.
Silver dollar city - 0 - Top 10 Theme Parks In The USA

Theme parks are fun. If you think you have a heart strong enough for these scary rides, then do not miss out on visiting these parks, next time you are in these states.


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