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Top Ten Travel Mistakes

If you think you know all the steps to avoid travel hitches then you need to have a rethink because even the smartest travelers once in a while encounter some passport issues, problems with their luggage and much more. We are all prone to forgetting things and making mistakes, the good aspect is that with proper planning we can avoid some of these mistakes so you can enjoy your trip or vacation. Below are mistakes to avoid when travelling.


1. Packing too much

Stuffing your case with lots of cloths and other contents can make it hard for you to move around with your luggage. You may also get charged for high luggage fees because you have exceeded the weight limit. You may not wear all the clothes anyway so pack your bag normally.
Overpacking - 1 - Top Ten Travel Mistakes

2. Not booking enough time between flights

Flights conditions cannot be predicted, if there is any delay you may have to hurry through an airport that you are not familiar with to avoid missing your connecting flight. It is important to make your booking with at two hours between connecting flights to avoid any issues.
Booking - 2

3. Not getting enough local currency at the airport

When you arrive you need some money for things like buying stuff, transportation and any other unforeseen circumstances. It will be a good idea if you use the airport’s ATM as you get better exchange rates and having cash can comes in handy especially when shopping in the local markets that do not accept credit cards.
Currency - 3

4. Not having Travel Insurance

It is essential and gives you more security in situations like delay or cancellation of your trip, losing your luggage as this will help you avoid losing some money. There are some plans that also cover medical expenses which can also be helpful. Make sure you read the fine prints well to know what it entails and if it suits your needs.
Travel insurance - 4

5. Not knowing requirements for a visa

It will be bad if you get turned back at the airport checkpoint because you do not have the visa requirements to travel. Ensure you check the visa requirements for the country you want to visit before making travel plans.
Visa requirements - 5

6. Trying to do too much on one trip

Trying to do much on one trip can leave you stressed out. Take out time to relax and enjoy what the destination has to offer.
Short time - 6

7. Not knowing the culture of your destination

Have an understanding of where you are going like the custom, language and behavior of the people to avoid insulting them and getting into trouble.
Not knowing culture - 7

8. Not having copies of important documents

This is important in case you lose documents like your passport, credit cards, I.D cards and travel insurance. Have hard copies with you and also have digital copies as they will help you in identifying yourself as well as the renewal process.
Copies - 8

9. Not being security conscious

To avoid your valuables like cash, jewelry from being stolen, keep them in a safe place and when walking around be aware of your surroundings
Security conscious - 9 - Top Ten Travel Mistakes

10. Not sticking to a budget

Ensure you stick to your budget to avoid running out of cash and not being able to have a nice experience and also to avoid coming back home broke and with debts.
Budget - 0 - Top Ten Travel Mistakes

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