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Travel Etiquette: What Not To Do On A Plane

Your expectation when you travel on a plane is that you have a safe and smooth trip. For most people that entails quality customer service, no inconvenience from other passengers and all round top quality experience. A couple of times, our flight plans do not go to plan and this is a product of either our behaviour or that of our co-passengers. In order to prevent this from happening, there are some simple flight etiquettes that you should observe to ensure that you do not end up as a nuisance to your co passengers and make life hard for the crew.


Being Impolite

Buying a ticket makes you entitled to proper service but it does not give you the right to treat other people badly. Pressing the call button to attract the attention of in-flight staff is the right thing to do instead of repeatedly clicking your fingers like you are at a restaurant or bar. While pressing the call button, it is important not to overdo it. Don’t press the call button repeatedly and disturb your co passengers.
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Letting your children run loose

It’s not okay to assume that everybody loves your kids as much as much as you do. While children can be cute and strangers would help you out of their own volition, it is essential to ensure that your children are well mannered and do not constitute a nuisance by crying continuously or throwing tantrums during the flight. Handing a flight attendant a filled nappy is hardly a way to get in the good books of everyone around you. Before your flight, ensure you stress the need to be well behaved to your kids.
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Disobeying orders

We understand that you might need to keep in touch with family or work during your flight or catch looming deadlines but doing these things during your flight endangers you and your fellow passengers. Arguing with flight attendants over keeping your mobile devices on could get you sent off the plane in the worst case scenario. Your seat belt is also to be worn when ordered. If you have issues with wearing your seatbelt at any point you should call the attention of an attendant and not neglect it.
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In flight food and drinks are not exactly four course meals. If you have the urge to fill up your stomach, you can exercise patience till you land while taking light refreshment. Filling up your tray with everything the flight menu has to offer is hardly a way to make a good impression and your stomach might make you sorry when you land. Getting drunk during the course of the flight is also a big no and most airlines would not allow clearly inebriated passengers to board the flight.
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Invading personal space

Reclining your seat when there is a food tray behind is disturbing to say the least. While you might want to get comfortable, stinking up the whole plane by going barefoot is also very upsetting.
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