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5 Reasons to Visit The Taj Mahal Before You Die

This article is about two of the most important things in existence; Taj Mahal and You. You will most definitely give yourself treats in your lifetime. Go to nice restaurants, wear beautiful clothes, visit awesome places and just make yourself feel special, but none of these undertakings hold the promise and sheer joy you will derive from a visit to the Taj Mahal.


The Taj Mahal Aura

The story of India is incomplete without Taj Mahal and it is the foremost monument of the country. How will you say you have been to India if you haven’t been to Taj Mahal? There is an aura and myth about the place that makes it worthy of your adventure. At the end of the day, it is not so much about Taj Mahal as it is about your unity with magnificence.


The Taj Mahal Wonder

There are several breath-seizing, heart-stopping experiences and sites in the world, but some are ephemeral, passing away with time while others leave us with a memory that sticks with us forever. This is exactly why Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World; it is simply unforgettable. Its sheer glory and grandeur, its utter perfection and expression speak languages that remain glued to our hearts long after we have been removed from the sight.


The Taj Mahal Art

Indeed, art is immortal. The availability of sophisticated technology hands us unlimited power but at a time when knowledge was basic, a building as majestic and intricate as this was erected which still remains an awe in terms of its architectural infallibility and structural ingenuity. There aren’t many places you will see the innate intelligence of man unleashed on a structure like you’ll see therein. Its combination of Hindu and Islamic architecture forms coalescence that can rarely be captured by the most refined minds.


The Taj Mahal Symbol

At a time when it seems most of the stories we learned about love when we were little about love were only fairy tales, this building is a strong reminder that love is a decision and not an uncontrollable force. The Taj has been described as the tear of the moon and the sun reminding us of how precious it is to care for others deeply and the agony of loss. You should visit the Taj to be reminded of the eternal essence of love, commitment and devotion.


The Taj Mahal Heritage

The world celebrates this ancient monument not just for its symbolism or aura, not just for its art or wonder but also for its message. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that richly tells the story of the mythical Mughal era. It tells the story of India’s rich heritage and culture. It preserves the story of a people and embodies their hearts.


There are many places to visit in the world but few to connect and associate with. Taj Mahal is laden with pleasure, promise and precious messages.

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