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10 Worst People to Sit Next To on a Plane


Sitting next to a person who offends you in a plane makes your flying experience a hell. Here are people you would rather not sit next to.


  1. A crying baby

A crying child can really bring down hell to all seated near the mother and will make your flight so long. If you did not bring your earplugs with your then you will have to endure it. You can help the parent with things like holding the baby bags and drinks as she try to calm the child.
Crying baby - 1 - 10 Worst People to Sit Next To on a Plane

  1. Smelly person

It is a person’s choice to stay clean or not. However since he or she is sharing space with many others, his or her poor decision will affect the rest. Some people just don’t how important it is to bathe or to put on some deodorant before they board.



  1. The talker

If you are seated next to a talker, be prepared to know everything in their neighborhood. Too bad if he gets an interested party on the other side and they talk over you. Just pretend you do not understand the topic to ward off the interest.
The talker - 3

  1. The sick

It is quite irritating while seated next to a person who is sneezing all over the place without covering the mouth. Etiquette dictates that you carry some lozenges and tissue if you are having cold or flu. This way, you do not mess other’s experiences by spluttering all over.

sneezing woman sick blowing nose


  1. Can’t keep still sleeper

It is ok to sleep in the plane. However, if you are going to drool, snore loudly and keep pushing passengers next to you, then you are no for a neighbor. Keep sit comfortable before sleeping to avoid inconveniencing others.
Sleeper - 5

  1. Drunk person

Too much booze comes with talking loudly, smelling sweat, and leaning too close to other passengers. Alcohol should be taken in small quantities or not taken altogether to give other passengers some peace.
Drunk - 6

  1. People who dress inappropriately

Long gone are the days when people wore to impress when a trip over the skies. These days you will see more women showing of their cleavage while the guys are going for the micro-mini shorts which leaves you uncomfortable during the whole trip.



  1. People who bite their nails

People who go smacking their gum, licking their lips and biting their nails are just an eye sore. If you are seated next to one, give him or her a cold look to disapprove of the behavior.
Nail bitting - 8

  1. Mr spicy carry on-board

You can have whatever you feel like eating on your trip. However, keep those spicy smelly foods out of the plane. Have them before boarding the plane. The pungent smell will make stomachs turn in agony. Pack some aromatherapy oils to sniff just in case you are sited near such people.
Fast food - 9 - 10 Worst People to Sit Next To on a Plane

  1. Small bladder sitter by the window

If you cannot hold down two hours without visiting the restroom, avoid sitting on the farthest corner or taking too much drink. No one wants to be disturbed after every twenty minutes so that you visit the loo.




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