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13 Most Bizarre Attractions You Should Visit

If you love the odd, scary and bizarre, or are merely tired of the same old amusement parks and holiday traps, you may want to look at  one of these quite extreme tourist attractions on your next travel plans. From a upside-down house to an island full of rotting kids toy dolls, these locations will definitely deliver some rather unique experiences.


1. Island of the Dolls, Mexico

The Isla de las Muñecas, just south of Mexico City set between Xochimico canals, is a small island and lengthy abandoned hideout of Don Julian Santana, who had been ostracized here in the mainland due to his alcohol abuse. Legend has it that the young girl drowned within the nearby canal and Don felt haunted by her spirit so he started exchanging his produce for old dolls, which he proceeded to place through the island to appease her spirit. A trustworthy psychic medium has stated he was really seeing an evil spirit that caused the lady to drown. Take it as true, or otherwise. Today, it’s populated by 100s of decrepit, decomposing baby dolls that hang from trees. Some say they hold the soul from the girl. Although it never was intended to be a tourist attraction, the creepiness from the island has attracted a lot of that it is now open for tours around the weekend.



2. Temple of Rats, Deshnok, India

Karni Mata Temple, better referred to as Temple of Rats, generally is a temple of rats. It had been named for Goddess Karni who believed her family wouldn’t ever die, but rather could be reincarnated as rats. The town’s citizens firmly believe this legend, which the populace in excess of 20,000 rats are actually, part of Karni goddess’ family. These rats are thought sacred and therefore are supplied with food and refuge within the temple. If you have anxiety with rats, it could benefit you to be aware that they’re stated to become quite friendly.



3. Iceland’s Phallus Museum, Reykjavík, Iceland

This interesting museum is among Reykjavik’s most original tourist points of interest. These days its referred to as Penis Museum, it hosts a stockpile exceeding more than 200 phallic examples representing nearly every mammal in the United States. So, should you ever desired to see exactly what a whale penis appears like, this is the place it can be done. Although, it’s inside a jar, obviously. The museum situated around the city’s busiest shopping street includes one large room boasting shelves and glass cases full of animals’ male organs raging in dimensions from the hamster’s to some whale’s, all maintained in chemicals. Just in case you had been wondering, there’s apparently a vagina exhibition in Rotterdam, Netherlands commonly referred to as Museum of Vaginal Imagination.



4. The World’s Largest Chest of Drawers, North Carolina

The World’s Largest Chest of Drawers was built in 1926 through the High Point Chamber of Commerce so that they can prove the region of High Point was the famous “Furniture Capital of the World”. The original 20-feet tall building suited as the regional “bureau of information”. Back in mid 1990s this building was totally renovated and converted to a 39-feet tall Goddard-Townsend block front chest having a real chest as a base for the prototype. To increase the visual impact, two big socks were hung in one of their drawers. The chest area continues to be featured on MTV and various shows featuring America’s biggest man-made points of interest.



5. Electric Ladyland, Amsterdam, Netherland

Electric Ladyland claims is the world’s first museum of fluorescent art. You need to remove your footwear and set on special slip-ons before you descend downstairs to obtain a take a look at owner Nick Padalino’s psychedelic sculpture work, installments of naturally luminescent rocks and man-made glowing objects. Upstairs you should check out his gallery with works that burst into color under Ultra violet light while Beatles and Jim Hendrix tunes are performed in the background. If you prefer a more enlightened experience, you might like to stop within the city’s famous coffee shops. It might have been designed only for that purpose.



6. Prada Marfa, Valentine, Texas

Apparently some shopping enthusiasts couldn’t realize why Texas, considered how large it’s, didn’t have a Prada store. Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset began with an interesting solution. With the blessing of Miuccia Prada herself, the shop sits in a stretch of U.S. 90 outside the small capital of Valentine, about 150 miles from El Paso. This bizarre store installation is nonfunctional. It was designed to resemble a Prada store but actual Prada items, shoes and handbags can be seen through the windows.



7. Japan’s Ramen Museum, Ikeda, Japan

The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum pays tribute to Cup Noodles founder and creator Momofuku Ando. If you would pay tribute to all individuals super cheap instant noodles that saved you against depriving in college, here’s your chance. Here you can observe a replica from the shack in which the man personally first invented Chicken Ramen, view an exhibit about instant noodles around the world and go to a tasting room with a number of items, including the opportunity to sample tastes that you’ve most likely never attempted before.



8. Upside Down House, Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia

The upside down house is one of a handful around the world. Others are in China, Japan, Russia, Belgium, Germany and Austria. The Rumah Terbalick upside down house first opened as a tourist attraction. While it’s certainly strange, many people just ask, “Why?” It appears to ignore all reasoning. This unusual house was lately joined within the Malaysian book of records because the only structure like it in Malaysia. Tours can be found if you would like to see walking the ceiling as furniture and household home appliances floating above you. In the garage, a vehicle is parked upside down as well. A gift shop is available for souvenirs.



9. The Gnome Reserve, Devon, England

There are many wildlife reserves available, but maybe you have seen a gnome reserve? The Gnome Reserve is without a doubt a one-of-a-kind, using more than 1,000 gnomes and pixies spread all through an all natural outside habitat on four acres, together with over 250 labeled types of wildflowers. An onsite museum also holds an accumulation of antique gnomes. If you are up for this, you may also pose for pictures using the interesting lawn ornaments, while using provided gnome hats and a fishing rod which are deliver to free that will help you merge and also embarrass the gnomes.



10. Market Theater Gum Wall, Seattle, Washington

The Marketplace Theater Gum Wall was recognized as the 2nd “germiest” tourist destination on the planet by TripAdvisor – it’s been collecting bacteria, and gum, in excess of 2 decades. This local landmark in downtown San antonio in Publish Alley under Pike Place Market, came to life when theatergoers standing line in the Market Theater box office began putting their used gum on the wall -some even forming their chewed product into sculptures. It had been constantly washed, however the gum keeps being put on this wall until the gum on the wall was accepted, as well as celebrated by making it a official attraction.



11. Fremont Troll, Seattle, Washington

In the Emerald City, beneath the Aurora Bridge within the Fremont neighborhood of San Antonio, lurks a huge, 18-feet one-eyed troll clutching a Volkswagen Bug. Some state that trolls happen to be sighted here since around back in 1932, however this particular two-ton sculpture was produced in 90s by a small group of local artists, Steve Badanes, D Walter, Will Martin, and Ross Whitehead, included in a contest marketing urban renewal. As the knowing committee ignored the hideous fiend, locals loved it. The troll won the most popular election and the authority to haunt the area underneath the bridge for years to come. The city pays tribute to the troll every Halloween having a mobile “Troll-o-ween” party that starts underneath the bridge and wanders with other funky art sites and occasions through the neighborhood.



12. Cockroach Hall of Fame, Plano, Texas

The Queen of Quirky often referred as, the Cockroach Hall of Fame opened its doors by pest management specialist Michael Bodhan who made the decision he desired to put a fascinating twist around the creepy, crawly animals, making people smile rather than scream once they saw a cockroach. This museum features cockroach corpses wearing costumes, posed inside small elaborate sets such as the “Liberoachi,” by which among the critters plays a piano, “David Letteroach,” “The Combates Motel,” and “Marilyn Monroach.” You’ll even find dried roach larva bbq flavored snacks if you get hungry while you’re here.



13. Soviet Bunker Tour, Vilnius, Lithuania

If you are intrigued with the Cold War, this formerly secret government bunker is really a place where individuals can witness the terror in that era. You’ll need to sign a waiver acknowledging that you’re okay with physical and/or mental punitive measures just in case you choose to be disruptive. Once ready, you’ll also need to turn in your mobile phone and any connections tactual life as you immerse yourself within bunker. After you have been converted to a Soviet citizen, circa 1980s, you will be exposed to interrogation by KGB officials played by actors, including dogs, who function as police canines in actual life. You’ll put on a gas mask and discover the USSR national anthem. No kidding. Throughout the intense reenactment moments and interrogations, it isn’t uncommon for people to faint.



Whenever you travel, you’re going to get to visit a wide range of locations and meet a variety of cultures. We came up with this list of places that are so unique and are well worth to be seen on your life. I hope you have enjoyed our 13 Most Bizarre Attractions you should visit. We sure did.

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