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15 Places You Are Not Allowed to Visit

Do you want to know what are some of the most restrictive places you are not allowed to visit? This list consist of 15 places you are not allowed to visit and unfortunately, we will never get to witness personally.
1. Area 51

Area 51 is known as a military base in Nevada, which happens to be primarily used for airplanes and weaponry experiments. Despite its noticeable presence, the United States government won’t acknowledge it exists to this day. Conspiracy theorists think that the remains of crashed UFO spaceship are actually kept at Area 51, an Air Force base roughly 150 miles away from Las Vegas, in which federal government scientists reverse engineer the believed aliens’ sophisticated complex technology.

Area 51
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2. Coca Cola Vault

Explore the exhibit with an immersive multi-media voyage into the actual holding chamber of the Top secret Formula. Along the route, find out about the roots of the secret formula, exactly how rivals attempted to replicate the success of Coca-Cola, exactly how the owners of Coca-Cola preserved the formula secret over the years and just how the secrecy inspired the creation of a chest of common myths and tales. The top secret formula continues to be guarded for over 125 long years. Even though people may pay to see the vault, the formula continues to stay in hiding. The formula is often regarded as the most closely guarded and best-kept secret in the world.

Coca Cola Vault
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3. Club 33

Club 33 is a exclusive club found in the center of the New Orleans Square part of Disneyland. Although you may find the entrance, the club is not open to the public. Club 33 is definitely the only location inside of Disneyland Park that serves alcoholic beverages. Select Club 33 members and their fortunate guests have unique access to resort experiences which will vary depending on which type of acquaintanceship is held by the member.

Club 33
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4. White Gentlemen’s Club

Started by Francis White in the late 1600s, the White’s Club is considered the most famous gentlemen’s club in Great Britain. This club does not allow any female individuals and any men who wants to join have to be personally invited by a present member and also have the authorization from yet another two members – unless of course he is part of the royal family, or a well-known celeb.

White Gentlemen’s Club
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5. Google Data Center

Google today runs its back-end services from some of the biggest, most advanced data centers on the world, but it was definitively not always that way. Today, Google has massive data centers powering all their services. Google’s data centers are in extremely protected locations along with trillions of data records, it is actually as secure as Area 51.

Google Data Center
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6. Jiangsu National Security Education Museum

You will not find any foreigners here as Jiangsu National Security Education Museum only allows Chinese citizens to visit since it contains classified documents and spy equipment. A sign outside states that only Chinese citizens are allowed inside. They dont don’t want these secretive sensitive spy intelligence to be exposed to foreigners. Absolutely no photography is allowed inside this museum either.

Jiangsu National Security Education Museum
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7. Lascaux caves, France

Lascaux hosts some of the best known Upper Palaeolithic art in the world. Deep in the South of France, Lascaux is a number of caves. The caves are renowned for its  cave paintings, which are over 17,500 years old. Through the late 1950s, the guest’s breath was attributed for the presence of lichen as well as small crystals around the walls, forcing the local government to shut Lascaux to the general public in 1963. Ever since then, just 5 people a day, 5 days per week, are actually permitted to visit the cave.

Lascaux caves
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8. Bank of England Vaults

It is the second oldest central bank in the entire world, and the vault is a massive space greater than that of Tower 42, the third tallest building in the city. The unique bank is handler to the official gold reserves of the U . K . and several additional nations around the world. The vault, underneath the City of London, covers up a floor area beyond that of the third-tallest building within the City, Tower 42, and requires keys which are 3 feet long to open. As about 2011, the Bank was the Fifteenth biggest handler of gold supplies, possessing about 4600 tonnes. Such gold deposits happen to be estimated in Feb . 2012 to have a present-day market price of £157,000,000,000.

Bank of England Vaults
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9. RAF Minworth

Based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, RAF Minworth consists of sophisticated structures that support communications and intelligence support for the UK and U.S. This site works as a ground station for several satellites run by the United States National Reconnaissance Office, with respect to the US NSA, with antenna incorporated into a huge number of very distinctive white radomes, and is speculated to be an element of the ECHELON system.

RAF Menwith
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10. Moscow Metro-2

This secret subterranean tube system was built throughout the Stalin dictatorship . The Federal Government Security Service of the Russian Federation will not confirm nor not allow the existence of Metro-2.

Moscow Metro-2
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11. Pine Gap, Australia

Since 1970, Pine Gap has become a secret monitoring center collectively run by the Australian government and the CIA.

Pine Gap
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12. Vatican Secret Archive

This is in no an ordinary collection or archives, this sacred vault consists of historic records belonging to the church, all of which are practically properties of the pope.

Vatican Secret Archive
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13. Room 39

Room 39 in North Korea, is a secretive organization, that was established during the 1970’s. It’s rumored that the organization contains 10 to 20 banking accounts both in China and Switzerland.

Room 39
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14. Mezhgorye, Russia

This is often allegedly Russia’s secret nuclear missile site which contains automatic ballistic missiles.

Mezhgorye Russia
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15. Snake Island, Brazil

Right off the shore of Brazil, Ilha da Queimada Grande, also referred to as Snake Island, is a unaltered isle because of the huge amount of lethal snakes on the island. Ilha da Queimada Grande, also referred as the Snake Island, is a isle situated right off the coast of Brazil in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Snake Island
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This concludes our list of  15 places you are not allowed to visit. Some of these places you out right don’t want to be at. Others have permissions to use deadly force to keep you out. Others are restricted and only exclusive individuals will have access to or are just so secretly hidden they are impossible to find.


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