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5 Essentials for Traveling with a Baby

While traveling with your baby can be fun, most of the time it is a terrifying experience. You may find it hard to keep the baby soothed, warm, cool, and entertained. The worst age group are those children under a year. Sometimes you cannot tell what they want. Get these five essential items in your luggage and the trip will be much easier.


Sun shade

The summer is going to be blazing hot and since you do not want to get distracted on the road, you will opt to have the baby at the back seat. Have you ensured that the sun is not glaring at your bundle of joy? Protect the baby with Britax EZ- Cling or any other shades. Ensure that you are legally allowed to have shades and tints on your car windows.
Shade - 1 - 5 Essentials for Traveling with a Baby


I cannot emphasize enough on the need for toys on your trip. Get something that you can pop into her hands to keep him busy all through the trip. The new Bright Start Lots of Links Accessory works for me. It tends to grow with the kid. You can also sit an adult in the back to keep the kid soothed as he or she plays.
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Changing pad

You will be changing his or her diaper severally especially if you are on a long trip. However, most of the changing tables on rest stops and bathrooms are so cold, hard, and dirty. Many restrooms do not have changing tables. You need a changing pad to enable you change the diaper fast mom whatever surface you got without any hassle. It should be slick wipe-able cover material.
Changing pad - 3

White noise machine

Do you have a kid that always cries to be held and rocked? You will not do any of these on your trip. Luckily, you have the white nose app or machine at your rescue. The app drowns all other things that make the kind uncomfortable so that he can rest. The app on iPhone is free to install. Test the app or machine beforehand to be sure that it works for the kid.

Floor seat

If your small one is big enough to sit upright on the seat, get him or her a floor seat. It is booster sit that can be placed anywhere; on the floor, on a chair, on the floor the rest top or the picnic chair. It has straps to help keep the baby secure and a try at the back to place the food. It will come in handy especially on the high tables.
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