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50 of the Weirdest Driving Laws Ever Invented!

It’s illegal to drive with a gorilla in Massachusetts, store trash in your car in South Carolina or have a flamethrower attached to your car in Mississippi. Below are some of the most crazy driving laws imaginable.

  • Different states in the USA have some of the mind blowing driving laws
  • As an example, in Maryland it is illegal swear on the highway
  • In Virginia you can’t allow anyone to have sex in your car

Road trips are probably the most popular types of vacation in the US but different states have some of the most mind blowing driving laws imaginable. So if you are thinking about packing up your car and heading out on the highway across the US you might want to brush up on the driving laws first. J&S Transport has put together some of the strangest driving laws across the US.
For example, anyone thinking of stopping for a donut in Maine should beware – it is illegal to park your car in front of a Dunkin Donuts, while love struck taxi drivers should be careful as it is illegal to make love in the front seat of a taxi while on a shift in Louisiana.
But not every state is as strict with their driving laws, as an example, in Texas, cars don’t need a windshield to pass inspection, but they do need a set of functional wipers. Or in South Dakota, there is no legal minimum age to ride a motorcycle off-road.
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