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Ferris Wheels You Won’t Believe Exist

Whether you are mainly looking to admire the city skyline or take a look at nature, these super Ferris wheels around the planet provide sights like you never witnessed before with thrills for all heights and ages. Trust me, these are in no way your average carnival rides. Sit back and enjoy our list of the most insane Ferris wheels on the plane while we the 10 best that are currently operating or about to open soon.


1. London Eye – England

Sitting at 135m, Coca-Cola London Eye is definitely the world’s biggest cantilevered observation wheel. It had been designed and also developed by Marks Barfield Designers and it was unveiled in the year 2000. It has received more than 85 awards for nationwide and worldwide tourism, exceptional design quality and manufacturing achievement. Actually, it is now the UK’s most widely used paid for customer attraction.

London Eye - England
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2. Navy Pier Centennial Ferris Wheel – Illinois

Famous Navy Pier stands out as the number one recreational vacation spot in the Midwest, welcoming almost 9 million guests yearly. This state of the art DW60 certainly is the very first and the only one of its kind in the U.S. with similar wheels at presently operating in Hong Kong and Baku, Azerbaijan. Major characteristics include two-sided vehicles that provide easy loading and unloading, a prepared structural framework to handle winds of 115 miles-per-hour, and safety glass able to enduring extreme storms.

Navy Pier Centennial Ferris Wheel
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3. Singapore Flyer – Singapore

The Singapore Flyer is a huge Ferris wheel within Singapore. Defined by its staff being an observation wheel, it opened up in the year 2008, fabrication having taken about two and a half years. A match produced in paradise at Singapore Flyer, by having an exclusively designed capsule along with a night’s stop at a luxurious five star hotel in Singapore.

Singapore Flyer
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4. Pacific Wheel – California

The world’s only solar-powered observatory gives its guests a panoramic vistas of the Southern California coastline from more than 130 feet above the Santa Monica Pier. Measuring about 85 feet, the wheel moves at two and a half revolutions a minute with some occasional stops to get passengers. It features well over 160,000 energy-efficient LED lights that display dynamic, eye-popping computer-generated lighting entertainment in the evenings.

Pacific Wheel
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5. Orlando Eye – Florida

Found in the middle of Orlando’s well-known International Drive, the Orlando Eye’s Four hundred foot famous observation wheel stands out as the centerpiece of this metro chic themed complex features a dynamic assortment of attractions venues, restaurants, night clubs and souvenirs shops. Take a moment to get out and witness the magic and wonder Central Florida has to offer from above. See a whole new side of Florida from 400 feet in the air. Enjoy the best views of Orlando like you never seen before.

Orlando Eye
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6. Star of Nanchang – China

The Star of Nanchang is a 525 ft tall giant Ferris wheel located in the eastern Chinese town of Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi Area. The Star of Nanchang opened for business in May 2006, having cost roughly $7.3 million to build. This used to be the world’s tallest Ferris wheel until it was succeeded by the 541 feet Singapore Flyer which formally opened up to the general public on March 1, 2008. The Star of Nanchang has 60 enclosed air-conditioned gondolas, each one transporting about 8 passengers, for a max total capacity of 480 passengers.

Star of Nanchang
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7. High Roller – Las Vegas

Glowing bright at Las Vegas Strip, the 550 ft. tall High Roller Ferris wheel really stands out at The LINQ’s outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment promenade. Totaling a whopping 520 feet in diameter, the High Roller Ferris wheel easily eclipses both the London Eye and Singapore Flyer. Pointing south and north concurrent to Las Vegas Boulevard, this Ferris wheel takes approximately Half an hour to complete one revolution and has 28 glass encased pods with wide views of Las Vegas along with the Strip.

High Roller
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8. New York Wheel – New York

The New York Wheel is a 630 ft. tall giant Ferris wheel being built in St. George, Staten Island alongside Empire Outlets. Even though the two projects are currently undergoing approval process simultaneously, and also share consultants on arising issues to overcome such as traffic and the waterfront, they are two entirely separate projects, each being funded separately from the other. New York Wheel aims at becoming one of the city’s greatest landmark, situated in St. George at the New York Harbor.

New York Wheel
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9. Melbourne Star – Australia

Melbourne Star encourages guests to experience Melbourne in a totally new way. Every one of the Melbourne Star’s 21 big, air conditioned pods offers you an unrivaled, 360 degree panoramic view of the city. Go on a flight of uncovering through the Melbourne skies and witness the area from a different point of view. Melbourne Star offers you a distinctive overview of the city, with all of its colors, tradition and eccentricities. It’s actually more than just a sight – it’s a whole experience in its own, granting guests and local residents alike a different way to interact with Melbourne’s lively cityscape.

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10. Cosmo Clock 21 – Japan

Cosmo Clock 21 is a enormous Ferris located at the Cosmo World theme park in the Minato Mirai 21 area of Yokohama, Japan. The moment it first opened its doors, it had become by far the highest Ferris wheel, just before the completion of the 354 feet Igosu 108 inside Shiga, Japan, in ’92. The Cosmo Clock 21 features 60 passenger cars, each able to transport as many as eight individuals. A single turn of the 330 ft diameter Ferris wheel usually takes about 15 minutes.

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We have compiled this list honoring the most surreal, neck-craning Ferris wheels in the in the entire globe. So next time you are planning your vacation and you happen to be within range of some of these colossal observation wheels, make sure to consider visiting them. You will not regret it witnessing the vistas these Ferris wheels have to offer.


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