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The 10 Coolest Kart Tracks in the World to Visit

Who doesn’t like go-karting? Each year, millions of people take part in go kart races, competitively or often just for fun. During go-kart rides, the track is as important as the race car. The following are top 10 of the coolest tracks around the world.


1. Autodrome/Kartdrome – Dubai

The Kartdrome offers a fleet of leisure Karts that deliver an excellent racing experience you will not forget while ensuring high safety in a range of specifications to comply those aged 7+. Manufactured by SodiKart, the Karts at the Kartdrome offer a comfortable driving position, top of the line performance and superb handling. Karts are powered by Honda engines which ensure equal acceleration, guaranteeing that all clients have the most competitive karts ready to go. They are also equipped with transponders that record time and scoring systems providing very precise starting grid in qualifying stage.

Kartdrome Dubai
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2. Fastimes Indoor Karting – Indianapolis – U.S.

Bi-level, 900 ft. track with speeds up to 40 mph will give each racer, no matter what their skill level is, a safe and exciting race experience all day long. If you have the opportunity, you should also check out and accelerate your day with a race or two. Fastimes is family owned and operated facility with well over 15 years of experience.

Fastimes Indoor Karting
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3. Lydd Kart Circuit – Kent – U.K.

Established in 1993, Lydd Kart Circuit is with no doubt the fastest Karting in Kent and one of the fastest in the Country. The 1040 meter track is very popular with drivers either Owner/Drivers racing their own karts or Arrive & Drive customers using their Hire Karts. The current layout has been present since an extension was added back in 1996, while our Junior Circuit measures approximately 500m and is ideal for children or for birthday parties.

Lydd Kart Circuit
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4. Orlando Kart Center – Orlando – USA

Break off from an ordinary day at the office to a super fun and thrilling experience at Orlando’s world class race track facility. Bring people from corporate events or family to participate in one of their energizing programs. A little over 5 miles east of Sea World and roughly 15 minutes from the Orlando International Airport in Central Florida. Their Karts go up to 45 mph in an extremely challenging road coarse with real curbing and bumps.

Orlando Kart Center
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5. Jim Hall Track Time – California – USA

Custom-built track allows go-karts to reach real racing speeds on more than 1/3 mile outdoor track. Their matched fleet of karts featuring 4 stroke petrol engines, racing slicks tires, full protective fenders, and on-board timers so you can keep battle with your paks while keeping track of every action-packed lap. No driver’s license is required and there are no age restrictions but a 4’6″ minimum height is required.

Jim Hall Track Time
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6. Hamilton Indoor Karts – Canada

Feel the heart-racing adrenaline of roller coasters and endless family fun with a trip to Hamilton Indoor Go Karts. Hamilton Indoor Go Karts offers you speeds not to be found anywhere else in Ontario. Their kart speeds give you the true go-karting experience! They offer the fastest go-karts in Ontario. If you are itching to have the need for speed they have the karts for you. Come out to the great race track in Hamilton.

Hamilton Indoor Karts
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7. Mosport International – Ontario – Canada

Built in the rolling hills north of Bowmanville Ontario, Mosport Kartways features one of the most distinguished track layouts in Ontario. Nestled next to the World Famous Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, Mosport Kartways is no doubt one of Ontario’s finest karting facilities. The track offers something for both rookies and professionals alike. Now managed by the team behind Goodwood Kartways and it’s 40 years of Karting heritage, Mosport and Goodwood Kartways represents the past, present and the future of Karting in Ontario Canada.

Mosport International
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8. Badger Raceway – Malta

Badger Karting is a joint venture between the Pater Group and Badger Co. Ltd, focused at fueling activities for Maltese and tourists who visit the island. Set up in November 1999, Badger Karting targets to provide a fun, energetic, competitive and safe fun time. Badger Karting is the latest expression of karting in the Mediterranean and the local raceway with an array of 30 petrol powered karts. Karts can reach speeds of up to 50 mph that when combined with twists and turns of the 17 distinctive track layouts and generate a perfect blend of thrill and adrenaline.

Badger Raceway
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9. Rye House Kart Raceway – UK

The historic Rye House Racing Circuit is one of the oldest in existence and throughout the many years has hosted many national and international meetings as well as the regular club meetings. Rye House Kart Raceway is one of the oldest and most respected go-karting racing circuits in the UK. Regarded by many as the greatest challenge of driving skill, Rye House has seen many F1 stars, such as world champion Lewis Hamilton, hone their driving skills on the high demanding track during the climb up the racing ladder.

Rye House Kart Raceway
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10. Kartworld In Cornwall – UK

About 45 minutes from Newquay, around ~30 minutes from Plymouth, Kartworld delivers the most thrilling family go kart racing circuit in Cornwall. They’ve got the fastest single-engine karts in the South West and an exemplary safety record. The 800 meter circuit is designed for all types of karting and consists of a very long straight then heading into a chicane followed by many fast flowing twists and turns with plenty of width for overtaking. Refreshments, toilets and wheelchair facilities and a large car parking lot are all provided.

Kartworld In Cornwall
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If you happen to be on holiday in one of these locations, make sure you don’t miss out on the thrill of the race. These are the most go to karting tracks around the world.


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