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The Worlds Absolute Most Unusual Hotels

There are many different ways to make a hotel very unique. Some of these hotels, the location is the main key. For others, the design of the hotel itself is an attraction. Everyone of of these unusual hotels around the globe have unique features to provide guests with, in one way or another, a unique and very memorable time. Lets get started with some of the most unusual hotels in the world.


1. Liberty Hotel, Boston

Boston’s renowned Liberty Hotel, which was once home to the Charles Street jail prisoners once held Malcolm X and infamous Boston mayor James Curley. Constructed in 1851, the jail, which is located in the middle of Boston’s Beacon Hill, closed its doors because of overcrowding in 1990s. In the year 2007 it was creatively converted to a 298 room very high end dwelling, which in turn continue to exhibit aspects of the original structure.

Liberty Hotel, Boston
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2. Strahov Monastery, Prague

Monastery Hotel may make you experience one step towards a superior power. Made in 1142, the nation’s historical monastery landmark turned dwelling is situated in the relaxing backyard of Strahov Monastery, area of the town center of Prague’s Mala Strana community. The four-star conventional boutique premises provides 12 rooms and suites within an traditional meets contemporary 17th-century structure.

Strahov Monastery, Prague
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3. Aydinli Cave House Hotel, Göreme, Turkey

Aydinli Cave House Hotel opened its doors in the year 2008. Positioned high over the old village centre in the middle of old Göreme, Turkey, the Fourteen room family operated hotel is actually carved from all-natural rock and the traditional rock of Cappadocia, in which parts of the cave’s composition go as far back 750 years. Suites are furnished in all-natural, earthy decoration and they are named after their roots.

Aydinli Cave House Hotel, Göreme, Turkey
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4. V8 Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany

Located in Stuttgart’s Meilenwerk, a global hub for automotive dealers, is the V8 Hotel, a haven for car enthusiasts. The former Bauhaus style, 1928 air port site transformed four-star property offers 34 wonderfully and legitimately adorned rooms and suites. Inspired accommodations, for instance a ’70s Cadillac drive-in movie theater, a Mercedes-Benz carwash plus a Morris Minor car port, are absolute musts for individuals who like everything automotive. The hotel also provides a in-house brewery, cooking school, dining establishment and legend corridor, which will exhibits timeless cars.

V8 Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany
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5. Propeller Island, Berlin, Germany

In this Berlin hotel every room is odder compared to the next and provides features you by no means knew you needed. One of the rooms includes a bathtub inside a gigantic plastic bag; yet another utilizes an oversize guillotine to split a king bed down into 2 individual twins. There’s a jauntily decorated jail cell, an area full of coffins, and a room entirely decorated in mirror pieces.

Propeller Island, Berlin, Germany
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6. Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

Top Swedish designers provide backyard staple an unusual revolutionary transformation at the Tree hotel. Each tree top room features its own look and feel, whether resembling a bird’s nest or perhaps a flying dish, or seemingly made completely from Lego blocks. One of the most clever appears made out of very little: the mirrored outside reflects the natural environment on every side, as if making a gap within the space-time procession.

Treehotel, Harads, Sweden
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7. Hang Nga Guesthouse, Dalat, Vietnam

In regards to what might be seen as tribute either to Antonio Gaudí or perhaps psychological illness, this particular trippy hotel by Vietnamese creator Dang Viet Nga has turned into a well-known attraction. Mushrooms, spider webs, small window openings, along with tree roots are actually carved on the natural cement form, and every of the Ten suites at “The Crazy House” features a similarly unusual title: Bamboo, Gourd, Kangaroo, and Termite, for example.

Hang Nga Guesthouse, Dalat, Vietnam
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8. The Beermoth, Inverness-Shire, U.K.

Part carnival RVs, part exhibition float, the canvas on the sides Beermoth is surely an cleverly transformed Commer Q4 50s fire-truck that started hosting over night visitors in 2011. This stitched together strategy led to a Victorian brass dual bed, a oak parquet flooring, a wood stove for the frosty Scottish nights, a fire outlet for a staircase and every one of the clean air you might desire.

The Beermoth, Inverness-Shire, U.K.
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9. Earthship Biotecture, Tres Piedras, New Mexico

Created from reprocessed or perhaps environmentally friendly materials, the earth ships reuse their very own dull waters, produce their very own energy, and also grow their own foods. They’re furthermore loaded with features less likely found in space: wireless internet, Apple TV, and Netflix.

Earthship Biotecture, Tres Piedras, New Mexico
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10. Bubble Tree, France

These see through blow up pods aren’t for visitors seeking both privacy or pitch black to have some shut-eye. This airy design bubbles had been specially designed by Pierre Stéphane Dumas and also have demonstrated well-liked all across European countries. Well suited for looking for stars; perhaps not a great deal for newly-weds on their honeymoon.

Bubble Tree, France
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When you are planing a trip to some amazing or exotic destination, you may in the process think about making your accommodation a travel-worthy getaway as well. This was a list of some of the most beautiful, quality, unique hotels around the world that anyone should look into paying a visit to on your next special occasion.

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