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Airports You Want to Get Stuck In

They say it’s the journey that matters, rather than the destination. An airport is the location where travellers from all around the globe are sitting together, waiting for their next flight, waiting for their cab, or simply waiting for someone’s arrival.


Flight delays are quite common nowadays, which is annoying at times, especially if you’re stuck at a useless airport. It’s a huge bonus, however, if the airport is one of the best airports in the world; in such a case, you can actually enjoy your flight delay. Here are the 10 best US airports if you are experiencing a flight delay or long layover:


1    San Francisco International

The most striking factor about getting stuck in this airport is its peace. You can relax in the yoga room, or check the interesting science, art, and cultural exhibits, as well as admire the aquatic wildlife from all around the globe. San Francisco International Airport is an international airport 13 miles south of downtown San Francisco, California, United States, near Millbrae and San Bruno in unincorporated San Mateo County. San Francisco International Airport has been named the best airport in North America for customer service in the SkyTrax Passengers’ Choice Award for 2015. Denver and Vancouver got second and third place, respectively. Besides top honors for best staff, the SkyTrax survey ranked SFO number four in the categories for “Best Airports Worldwide” and “Best Airports in North America.”
San francisco international - 1 - Airports You Want to Get Stuck In


2     McCarran International

This airport is located in Las Vegas and gives you access to try your luck at the slot machines present throughout the airport. One cannot get bored with the availability of free Wi-Fi, free art museum access, an aviation museum, and so much more. McCarran International Airport is the primary commercial airport serving the Las Vegas Valley, a major metropolitan area in the U.S. state of Nevada. It is located in Paradise, about 5 miles south of downtown Las Vegas. Security is generally quick and there’s a decent selection of restaurants. Easy to find your way, lots of restrooms, lots of recharge-stations for your smartphone.
Mccarran international - 2

3    Dallas-Fort Worth International

The Dallas-Fort Worth International is a common spot for the travelers. There is a wonderful relaxing place here, along with two yoga studios, free Wi-Fi, and certain picnic areas. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the primary international airport serving the Dallas–Fort Worth area in the U.S. state of Texas. It is the largest hub for American Airlines, which is headquartered near the airport. This airport has a large number of good restaurants, helpful agents/employees, decent view of the Dallas/Ft worth area, and easy to get through and around. Cleanest airport I’ve ever been in. The tram is wonderful, gliding you from place to place.
Dallas fort worth international - 3

4    Detroit Metro

The mid-courtyard of the airport featuring water and a surrounding lounge is a great way for travelers to entertain themselves during the layover time. The oasis-designed airport, with multicolor LED lighting synchronized, makes the stay an exciting experience. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, usually called Detroit Metro Airport, Metro Airport locally, or simply DTW, is a major international airport in the United States covering 4,850 acres in Romulus, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. The amount of food choices, such as restaurants, is simply outstanding and I have yet to find another international terminal with as many options. This is easily one of the best high-volume airports.
Detroit metro - 4

5    Chicago O’Hare International

The most remarkable attraction of this airport is the availability of spa options, which are open for massages, nail care, skincare, and so much more. Other than that, there is an aeroponic garden full of self-sustaining plants and fruits. Chicago O’Hare International Airport, also known as O’Hare Airport, Chicago International Airport, Chicago O’Hare or simply O’Hare, is an international airport located on the Far Northwest Side of Chicago, Illinois, 17 miles northwest of the Loop. Considering how big this airport is, they do an unbelievable job of getting people in and out. I have never come across such a beautiful airport.
Chicago ohare international - 5

6    Seattle Tacoma International

The airport has live music all the time, with a spectacular view of the air-field, alongside an open food court with multiple food options, such as seafood. Seattle–Tacoma International Airport is the largest airport in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Beecher’s is by far my favorite place to eat here. It has very good restaurants and good atmosphere. This airport is easy to get around. This is one of the best airports in the country. Easy layout to understand. The central food court is huge, with lots of good options and tables and rocking chairs that look out the massive windows to the runways.
Seattle tacoma international - 6

7    Denver International

The interior designing of the airport is eye-catching, as well as the fluorescent lighting, and there is availability of art programs. Denver International Airport, often referred to as DIA, is an airport in Denver, Colorado, United States. At 33,531 acres, it is the largest airport in the United States by total land area. Very modern, overall a nice airport! It shows a really good representation of Denver. Every employee we met was cheerful and helpful. Probably the best airport in the US given its size. Denver International typically has very short security lines.
Denver international - 7

8    Miami International

The Miami International airport has a lot of shopping options for the travellers. You can also visit La Carreta restaurant or the airport spa to make the most out of your stay. Miami International Airport, ; also known as MIA and historically Wilcox Field, is the primary airport serving the Miami area, United States.  This airport is absolutely beautiful. It has great service, the people are very nice and the halls are full of decorations and great restaurants. Full open bar and real food you actually want to eat.
Miami international - 8

9    Minneapolis-St. Paul International

The airport’s shopping spots are famous all over the world, as well as the food court. You can visit a hairstylist within the airport. Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport is a joint civil-military public use international airport. The TSA agents are nice, and the lines are not very long. Modern interior with tablets at almost every table. Lots of interesting stores and restaurants. The people are very friendly. The food selection seems to be always growing as well with the number of choices for food.
Minneapolis st paul international - 9 - Airports You Want to Get Stuck In

10    Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport is known for its art and fine dining. The airport’s art collection includes more than 250 pieces of art, along with 20 stone sculptures. The airport features a long list of cocktail drinks. Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, known locally as Atlanta Airport, Hartsfield, or Hartsfield–Jackson, is an international airport located seven miles south of the central business district of Atlanta, in the U.S. state of Georgia. This is a huge and busy airport, and everyone deserves credit for the smooth operations.  Food choices are fantastic. If you have time between flights, definitely take the time to find the Martin Luther King Jr memorial. The intercontinental terminal is lush, beautiful and nice.
Hartsfield jackson atlanta international - 0 - Airports You Want to Get Stuck In


These airports will allow you to appreciate your journey, even if it is taking a little longer than planned.


  1. Aura
    December 10, 2016 - 4:06 am

    Indeed, I don’t think I would complain I had to wait in any of these airports but San Francisco International is my favorite. An airport where you unwind doing some yoga or check their cultural exhibits? Sign me up!

  2. Richard
    December 11, 2016 - 12:58 pm

    Miami International is hands down the best airport I’ve ever been in. I don’t know how its management motivates the employers but they’re always polite and helpful. I remember I once saw a rather annoying customer that kept on acting rude and the girl from the counter acted very cool and did her best to serve him so he can get to his table.


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