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How to Pack a Suitcase in 30 Minutes

Packing a suitcase doesn’t have to be a major production. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my friends talk about taking an entire day off to pack their things for a trip. Guess what: this is a huge waste of your time! If you’re moving out of the country, you might need a long time to pack. For short trips, you can do it in 30 minutes or less! You can become a pro at fast packing and make time for lunch with your gang before you head out on your jet setting adventure. Here’s how to pack your suitcase in half an hour.

1    Underwear

Throw in enough underwear for your trip. Squish in right in the corner, where it won’t bother anyone. Pack bras in a silk bag to protect them from getting destroyed. If you have boxers or undershirts, you can roll them up quickly and pile them on top of each other.
perfect female body in underwear

2    Socks

Pull out enough paired socks to last you the trip. A good rule of thumb is to pack a few more than you think you’ll actually need. Throw these on top of or beside the underwear.
colorful folded socks isolated on white background

3    Pants and skirts

Grab one per day, because while you might need to wear more than one outfit in a day, you can wear jeans multiple times. Roll them up and put them on the bottom. Make sure you grab athletic shorts if you’re going to visit the gym during your trip.

4    T-shirts

You’ll usually need one t-shirt per day. Be sure they don’t clash with the jeans or shorts you are bringing. Roll these up, too, and put them on top of the pants. You can use these for lazy evenings and days on the road.

5    Dress shirts

Going for business? Attending an event? Make sure to fold your dress shirts nicely. Fold them department store style and place them on the top of your luggage. You want to do as little ironing as possible once you arrive at your destination, so try not to wrinkle the dress shirts too much.

6    Pajamas

What are you going to sleep in? Whatever it is, roll it up like you just don’t care and stuff it into an empty corner. Unless, of course, it’s silky lingerie. Then you should stow it in a silk bag in a place of honor. Before you pack your PJs, put any sleeping items you have into the bundle. Earplugs, sleeping masks, and medication can all be stored in one easy spot.
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7    Make a List

What else do you need? Jot down a quick list so you won’t waste time running around after random odds and ends. If you’re packing a day ahead, highlight anything you will need for your last night at home and be sure to remember to pack it in the morning.
clipboard and pencil.


8    Toiletries

Choose a small waterproof bag for toiletries. Ladies, you surely have some fancy little makeup case laying around. Men, a Ziplock bag works, too. Whatever it is, grab in and throw everything you need into it: toothbrush, face wash, makeup remover, floss, and all the other essential stuff.

9    Medications

Put medications into another separate bag. Make sure all of the bottles are clearly labeled. You don’t want hassle at the airport if your bags get searched.
scattered blue pills on white backgroung

10    Carry-On Bag

Don’t stuff this with a million random things you’ll never use. Choose one or two electronic devices (like laptop and phone) and put them in an accessible location. Place your wallet and passport somewhere that can’t get pickpocketed. Select a book or crossword puzzle or magazine that you’re sure you’ll use, and toss in a few snacks. Don’t forget your camera! Again, you should have a list of the stuff you need, so this process shouldn’t take more than five or ten minutes.

11    Shoes

Finally, pack your shoes. These should probably go in the outside zipper pocket of your suitcase, where they can’t leave unseemly footprints on your nice white dress shirt. Choose two or three pairs. One of these should be worn on the airplane, so set it beside your luggage.
39388511 - retro suitcase with male shoes on fur carpet and background
So there you have it: a way to pack your suitcase in 30 minutes or less! Gone are your days of spending forever puzzling over what to bring on vacation. Don’t stress, just follow this list and make your life easier! It’s always best to make your travels stress free, and that starts at home with the packing process. Have a happy and relaxed trip!


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