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10 Best Travel Movies

Is your travel bug biting? Do you want to go somewhere—but don’t know where to go? Leave it to Hollywood to spike our interests in locations on a global scale. Movies film all around the world, making us eager to go to each of these places. If you love movies like I do, you’ll want to watch these. The movies on this list will make you pack your luggage and nearly run to the airport, begging for a spontaneous adventure.
Into the Wild

Filmed in 2007, this drama is based on the adventure of a 20-something. The hero cashes in his college fund to hitchhike to Alaska and explore the wilderness. The story is based on Mark Twain’s Call of the Wild. Throughout the movie Sean Penn’s character keep’s a journal of his journey, always referring to himself in the third person. The course of the movie is about him trying to validate his life choice. He tries hunting with no success. He lives off the land but struggles. His story is a story of survival that easily captivates us.
Midnight in Paris

This is another favorite of mine. Owen Wilson takes a lead role in this film, playing opposite of Rachel McAdams. The premise of the movie involves a young couple. They travel to Paris, France on a business trip. Gil, Owen Wilson’s character, is dissatisfied with his career. While in Paris, he wanders about, thinking about what might have been. By the end of the film they are loving what they are seeing and are in love with the city. It leads to promise for the young couple who consider staying in the city for good.
Eat, Pray, Love

Liz Gilbert is looking for something different. She has taken a year-long sabbatical from her employment to get out of her comfort zone and finds herself in Italy. As she sits in a sidewalk cafe, she’s in for more than she bargained for with this adventure. She soon talks to people and discovers a story of a woman that once was. In her path to find the woman, she discovers romance instead.
The Sound of Music

Who doesn’t love The Sound of Music? This movie has become a timeless classic that still attracts those of the younger generation. Filmed in Austria and parts of Italy, this movie is going to leave you high-spirited. The characters are optimistic and happy, even though it’s war time. Julie Andrews, who plays the governess for the Von Trapp children, brings music and joy back into a household that once excused it. This movie, too, is based on a real-life family which makes it that much better.
Lord of the Rings

This movie trilogy, filmed in one extended shoot, is a treasure that you just can’t miss. This film’s stunning locations, from Hobbiton to Mordor, are all found in New Zealand and Australia. Viewers will be captivated by the story of adventure and survival while enjoying up-close shots of rivers, forests and wildlife. There are several Lord of the Rings tours in New Zealand where visitors can explore some of the 150 locations used in the film. As tourists start exploring on their own, they are likely to recognize many of the landscapes from the film.
Under the Tuscan Sun

If you’re traveling to Italy, add this beautifully shot movie to your watch list. This movie was filmed in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. Many of the locations are going to be recognizable when you visit. The story plot is simple. A woman goes on a vacation to Italy and purchases a vacation home. She falls in love and decides to stay. It’s a romantic movie where the setting makes up for the sappy story.
The Beach

This is another travel movie that you must watch. This movie is going to have you drooling over the Asian landscapes. There are clear-water beaches, jungles and panned-out scenery that make viewers want to go on vacation. The story centers on an American that is seeking a new path. He’s not quite ready to accept the responsibility as an adult and wants one last adventure. This movie travels his adventure and how he finds himself.
Thelma & Louise

A rollicking comedy/drama with a feminist bent, this is an all-time favorite travel movie. This movie was released in the early 1990s but, just like The Sound of Music, it has become a timeless classic. Two women are on a short leash with their husbands, who control everything their wives do. One day Thelma & Louise decide they have had enough and go off on their own. The story is going to make viewers laugh all throughout the movie while enjoying the rustic locations.
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This travel movie is pure fun. Walter Mitty, played by Ben Stiller, feels trapped in his 9-5 job at Life Magazine. He soon takes off to Iceland to explore the wilderness and discover the extraordinary adventure that he chose for himself. The captivating story line and outstanding filming locations are going to draw you into this film. The characters are larger-than-life and relatable; it’s one of the best travel films out there.

Finally, Wild stars Reese Witherspoon portraying the real-life Cheryl Strayed who hiked the Pacific Trail in order to fight drug addiction. The story’s plot is going to captivate viewers. More than anything, this movie is going to increase a person’s likelihood of spending time outdoors hiking or camping. The character goes through struggles along the way, such as grieving the death of her mother. But, in the end, she comes out on top.
Whether you’re looking for laughs, excitement, or a message, these favorite travel movies are sure to fit the bill. So pop the popcorn and settle in. You might find inspiration for your next travel adventure!

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