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5 Game of Thrones Filming Locations You Should Visit

Cinematography plays a huge part in Game of Thrones. In fact, it plays a big part in filming across the board. Real-life locations draw the viewer into the television program or movie, making it more interesting and making the characters pop out on film. They appear far more realistic then if the director was just using a green screen. If you enjoy Game of Thrones, here are five beautiful locations you need to put on your bucket list.
Iceland and its frozen landscapes set the tone for many Game of Thrones episodes. This north Atlantic setting has drawn tourists on an international level ever since the series began. The stunning glaciers, mountains and sunsets are endless beauty for any traveler. Explore caves and waterfalls that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. One location that may be most familiar to Game of Thrones tourists is the town of Azureyri, located on Iceland’s northern coast.
Iceland - 1 - 5 Game of Thrones Filming Locations You Should Visit
Spain is also a must-visit location for Game of Thrones fans. It was added as a filming location in Season 5 of the series. In fact, the Zafra Castle—located in Guadalajara, Spain—is used as the location for the Tower of Joy. The Bareness Reales Mountains are also filmed here, while Sam’s home has been reported as being in Barcelona, Spain. In upcoming episodes of Season 6, viewers can look forward to more Spain locations.
Spain - 2
Dubrovnik, Croatia is another filming location for Game of the Thrones. You can recognize this location because it’s a city of walls. The streets are narrow and compact. In fact, it’s the walls of the city that set it apart. This city is known to have some of the most beautiful walls than anywhere else in the world. The walls have been standing since the 14th century. This is the city shown when the shows helps viewers identify the city of King’s Landing. If you go to this location, Game of Thrones tourists can expect tours. There’s even a trail that tourists can walk to get in the Game of Thrones mood.
Croatia - 3
Let’s not overlook Malta as another gorgeous filming location. This is where the film crew sought out one of the world’s most beautiful arches. In fact, this is where Daenerys’ and Drogo’s wedding took place. The Azure Window is the actual location of the wedding. You can find it on Gozo Island, constructed out of natural limestone. Rocks consistently fall from the arch, however, which worry scientists that it could collapse within a number of years. This is highly due to the increased number of tourists that stand or swim around the monument.
Malta - 4
Finally, put Scotland on your Game of Thrones world adventure. This is where fans can expect to find Winterfell. The real-life castle Doune Castle was used as the setting for the first episode. Later on it was replaced by a similar castle in Northern Ireland. Winterfell’s castle, however, is not how Doune Castle appears to be. Much of the construction on film was computer-generated to elaborate the story and the characters.
Scotland - 5

Even though the series uses CGI to enhance the visual effects, you shouldn’t let this stop you from visiting these five beautiful locations. Go for Game of Thrones, but don’t forget to take in the experience.

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