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Holiday Gift Must Haves

What do you get the person who has everything they want? Travel addicts are often more interested in plane tickets than they are in stuff, and would rather spend on a new trip than a new car. How do you shop for someone who isn’t interested in socks or the latest gadget? Check out some of these awesome holiday gifts for travelers.

Plane Tickets

This is a pretty big spend, but if you can afford to buy your intrepid traveler a new adventure, do it. Better yet, buy two and join the party. There are often good deals on tickets for flights right after the holiday rush.
Plane tickets - 1 - Holiday Gift Must Haves

A Great Big Map

Habitual travelers love maps. They love staring at a map like it’s some sort of Picasso masterpiece, appreciating each border and river line and dreaming of where to go next. Get the traveler in your life the biggest map you can find (provided they have enough wall space!) so they can record past travels and dream about future trips on a grand scale.
Big map - 2

Custom Country-Shaped Necklace

Where did your jetsetter last leave her heart? Present her with a necklace whose pendant is shaped like the place she loves, and her heart just might move from that location to your hands. There are many options out there, ranging from stainless steel to diamond-inset gold.
Country necklace - 3


New luggage is a must every now and then, and many travelers don’t think to buy it. Gift your favorite traveler with a new set of luggage so they can travel in style. Don’t forget the matching carryon!
Luggage - 4


A nice camera makes all those vacation photos that much better. In a smartphone world, a lot of people don’t even own cameras anymore. There are plenty of nice point-and-shoot digital cameras out there, or you can opt for the trendy and travel-friendly GoPro. For a retro touch, get a Polaroid—they are making a comeback! Or go all out and find a nice DSLR with a couple of different lenses.
Camera - 5

Waterproof Anything

The bane of a traveler with electronics is rain. Take the stress away when you give a waterproof gift this holiday season. Waterproof awesomeness can come in many forms, but an affordable favorite is the waterproof phone bag. You can seal a phone in, hang the strap around your neck, and be worry-free in rain or even while swimming. No more wondering if your phone is safe on the beach or hoping it doesn’t get ruined by a downpour! Most models also allow you to text or take photos through the bag.
Waterproof jpg - 6

Photobook Coupon

Give the gift of memories. With a photobook gift certificate, your friend can easily tell their travel story in photos, have the book printed and shipped, and enjoy a one-of-a-kind book in just a few days. It’s a fun conversation piece and great for remembering good times on a blue day.
Photobook - 7

A Legit Backpack

I’m not talking about the Minion backpack you just bought for you third-grader, although those are pretty cool, too. I’m talking about the big, strappy, pocket-covered, waist-supported backpack that you see all the epic travelers wearing. Get one that is the right size for a carryon so that you traveling friend can skip the checked baggage and slide through security with every stowed in the pack. Plus, no more sore back after a long trips!
Legit backback - 8

Noise-Canceling Headphone

The ones with Bluetooth capabilities are awesome, because they can be connected to smartphones and laptops without the annoying chords. These headphones are great for travel because they block out all the noise of engines and crying babies, so sleeping, watching, studying, or gaming on the go without interruption is possible.
Noise canceling headphones - 9 - Holiday Gift Must Haves

Portable Fitness Kit

Is your recipient always complaining about the lack of exercise equipment while traveling? Solve the problem with a portable fitness kit! There are plenty of these, but they typically include things like water-inflatable weights, jump ropes, and resistance bands.
Portable fitness - 0 - Holiday Gift Must Haves

A Touch of Culture

Most travelers have that once place in the world that they’d live in if they could. Maybe there are several places like that for your traveler! Whether it’s Omaha or Oman, give the gift of culture by sending a taste of this place their way. You can find anything online these days, from cultural clothing to food to home accents.
Culture - 1 - Holiday Gift Must Haves

Phone Case and Wallet Combo

Travel makes it necessary to consolidate everything into the tightest package possible. Make this easier with a phone case/ wallet wrapped up in festive paper. The best ones have places for credit cards and a driving license, but still boast excellent protection against clumsiness and mishap.
Phone wallet case - 2

Foreign Food

Travelers love tasting new things! Take them out to Ethiopian, or treat them to a Latin Food of the Month Club. Or, buy a box of Indian Spice or African Chai. Whatever you do, make it exotic.
Foreign food - 3

Passport Bag

Every international traveler needs a reliable way to keep track of cash and important documents. A passport bag that is ultra-thin and can be worn underclothing is the best way to keep from getting pick-pocketed or losing important things while traveling. Bags and cases come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find something that will wow your recipient.
Passport bag - 4

Friends and family who have the itch to travel will love receiving gifts that acknowledge and even encourage their wanderlust. No matter your price range, you can find something that tells them you recognize their passion.

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