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How to Take Amazing Travel Photos

I’m not an expert at photography. I aim my phone and snap my photo; the only zoom I use is moving my feet. But that’s the extent of it, due to the fact that I don’t have a camera with a zoom lens on it. The great thing is, these tips apply whether you are using your phone or a high end camera.

If you’re serious about photography, however, it may be best to purchase a professional camera. This is going to assist you in getting the best photos and help you to have amazing memories. Follow these techniques to create outstanding photos.
Frame It

First, focus on framing. I’m not talking about going to purchase a picture frame. Rather, this has to do with reflections. When you look through your lens at — let’s say at a bridge — is it reflecting in the water? If so, find a way to frame it in your photograph. Some ideas may include placing shrubs around it, capturing it with a sunset or waiting for a hawk to fly over it. All of these props are going to help make your photo stand out. Even the backdrop of what stands behind the bridge could add life to the photograph.

Another technique is to use focal points. This is when the photographer centers on one specific image, such as a person or a car. This is the subject of the photograph. The rest of the photograph may be blurred or lightened, dependent on the situation. The background should not outshine the subject, however; anyone looking at your photograph should realize that they are front and center. Practice this technique with your pets and children. You’ll be amazed how many great photos you have in your camera.
Get Close

On another note, really get closer to your subject. If you want better pictures, you have to zoom with your feet. If you zoom with your camera, more than likely your picture will turn out blurry. But, if you zoom with your feet, you have a better chance of capturing your subject in their true form. This technique works more for people. It may be hard to capture landscapes this way, but put forth the effort. Getting close to a monument may only capture one part of it, while zooming out with your feet would certainly catch all of it.

Likewise, make sure your subject is in the sun. I have never understood this because people squint when they’re in the sun. But, the more I take photographs, the more I see how it applies to good photography. Shadows lurk in the shade. This means that if a person stands under a tree a shadow will be over their face. It’s not to say a shadow won’t be there if there wasn’t a tree, but you have to learn to use the sun to your advantage.
One Simple Rule

Finally, follow the rule of thirds. This implies that the photograph is divided in three sections both horizontally and vertically. When the subject is in the center of the photograph, they grasp the attention of anyone looking at the picture. Photographs may move their subject more to the left or right, also, to make their subject more off-center in the photograph. This helps the photo to appear more natural.

Taking travel photos helps you save memories and share your experience. You shouldn’t get stressed out about taking professional quality pictures, but if you want to improve your travel photography, these techniques are going to help you take it to the next level.

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  1. Britanica
    December 12, 2016 - 11:04 pm

    Really good tips here, you’ll definitely get better pictures with them. Getting closer is definitely better than zooming in, I have to remember that! It’s just a habit for me. Using these tips, you definitely don’t need a camera worth thousands. You can get a great camera for under $500 these days!


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