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Texas Barbecue Foodie Road Trip

As my Texan friend proudly pointed out to me this week, nobody does barbecue like Texas. Naturally, I had to agree! If you’re a big barbecue fan, don’t settle for mediocre barbecue. Get on the road and sample the best of the best! Here’s a Texan food road trip itinerary for barbecue aficionados. Bring on the smoke and the sauce!

 – Stevie Lew’s
Start your Texas barbecue road trip in Rockport with a delicious plate of barbecue chicken from Steve Lew’s! The homemade sauces here are to die for, and you can enjoy them over tender meat while listening to a live band. Be sure to save room for dessert, because you’ll definitely want some peach cobbler. You know this place is good as soon as you walk in, get a whiff, and see all the locals.
Stevie Lew’s

 – Mac’s Pit
Next on your list of Rockport barbecue joints should be Mac’s Pit. Try the brisket sandwiches here– yum! Don’t forget to order a glass of sweet tea, too. This place has a great small town feel. The owner is talkative and friendly, and does a great job at making you feel right at home. If you’re a senior, you’re in luck! The senior discount here is very good.
Mac’s Pit

 – Mumford’s Place
Your first stop in Victoria should be Mumford’s place. What really stands out here is the variety of house-bottled barbecue variety of sauces! The meat is good, but the sides are even better. Try the potato salad and the green beans. The green beans get rave reviews! If vegetables can be that popular, you know they must be good. This place just looks like a hole in the wall from the outside, but inside it has a great vibe and smells like barbecue heaven.
Mumphord’s Place

 – Quality Packers Smokehouse
Step inside Quality Packer’s Smokehouse, and you’ll be greeted by friendly staff, local regulars, and the scent of meat prepared to perfection. The brisket is very good, and the pork sausage is fantastic. You’ll be tempted to stuff yourself with delicious barbecue, but don’t do it—you need to save room for the decadent pecan pie!
Quality Packers Smokehouse

 – Ray’s BBQ Shack
In this Houston favorite, you will enjoy southern hospitality and polite service. This place serves all the typical barbecue options in addition to a mean catfish. If you decide to pass on the catfish, try the ribs. They are amazing, huge, and will probably be way too much for you to handle on your own. If you’re into sugary sweet tea, then you’ll love the beverages here. Both the tea and the lemonade are super sweet.
Ray’s BBQ Shack

 – Triple J’s Smokehouse BBQ
Whatever you do, don’t miss Triple J’s Smokehouse BBQ when you are in Houston! The popularity of this restaurant has pressed its limited seating to the max, so you’ll probably have to count on doing takeout, like most of the locals do. If you do eat in, you’ll enjoy the local sports memorabilia on the walls! The potions here are large, and the sausage has that perfect smoky flavor that you always hope for in barbecue. You can’t pass up this place!
Triple J’s Smokehouse BBQ

 – Corkscrew BBQ
This place only cooks so much meat every day, so make sure to get here early if your heart is set on something specific. The brisket is absolutely amazing! The restaurant is crowded and noisy on the inside, but it’s nice to sit outside and listen to the train go by. It feels like the quintessential Texan experience.
Corkscrew BBQ

 – Rudy’s County Store and BBQ
This is a chain restaurant, but it doesn’t taste or feel like one. Rudy’s offers a fun and unique way for you to get your food! You get to build your own sandwiches and then sit at long communal tables to dine and relax with the locals.
Rudy’s County Store and BBQ

 – Lockhart Smokehouse BBQ
Everything about the food at this place is super messy, which is exactly what good barbecue should be. If you don’t stain something in the process of eating barbecue, then you’re doing it wrong! The brisket is a favorite here.
Lockhart Smokehouse BBQ

 – Pecan Lodge
If you ever find yourself at Pecan Lodge (and you should), then be sure to try the “Trough” with your friends. The “Trough” is a huge sample plate with all kinds of mouth-watering meats! The whole Pecan Lodge experience is a down-home meal in a rustic venue. You have to taste this! Just make sure to get there early and beat the line.
Pecan Lodge

If you’re looking to settle the argument as to which state has the best barbecue, a little road trip through Texas is a great place to start. You may not convince your Memphis friends or North Carolina relatives that Texas does it better, but you’ll all enjoy the attempt!

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