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Mystery Vacations – Surprise Itineraries

Do you like surprises? There’s a whole travel industry designed just for people like you! Surprise travel allows people to discover their vacations as they’re happening, no planning required. If you’d rather let someone else design your next vacation while you just show up for the fun, why not sign up for a mystery vacation? Hawaii, Seattle, New York City… you never know where you might end up!
What is Mystery Travel?

Mystery vacation packages are trips designed by professionals as a surprise for you. All you have to do, once you select an agency (Magical Mystery Tours is the most popular one), is set your budget, pick a date, fill out a form with your travel preferences, and wait for the day of your trip. You can give some guidelines, like “I love the snow” or “please don’t send me to Florida,” or you just can leave it all wide open. A few days before you leave, you’ll get the weather forecast sent to you from the agency so you know how to pack. No knit sweaters for you if you’re headed to the tropics! Of course, you’ll get a little bit of a hint as to where you’re going from your packing guidelines, but you’ll still be in for a huge surprise. After the weather report, you’ll get a packet that tells you where you’re going and all the details about your trip. You could open this ahead of time and spoil the surprise, but why do that? It’s best to wait until you’re at the airport to find out where you’re going.
What is Mystery Travel?
Why do Mystery Travel?

Obviously, mystery travel is great for the adventurous (or at least the indecisive). If you’re too busy to plan a trip, can’t decide where to go, or just want to do something different for a change, mystery travel is a perfect option for you! It’s like opening up a giant birthday present from yourself.

So, you say that you enjoy planning vacations? That you’re good at finding airline tickets and you like picking out activities? Well, mystery travel isn’t for you…. Or is it? Even people who love making plans can enjoy a mystery trip to the fullest. If you love to travel and you’re good at it, you probably have all your dream destinations all lined up. You have a plan, and you’ll stick to it. Or, at least, you have a specific type of vacation that you usually tend to book. With a mystery trip, however, you’ll open up doors to new destinations that you never would have thought of on your own! With the new ideas and new locations you find during your surprise vacation, you just might revolutionize the way you travel for the rest of your life.
Why do Mystery Travel
What does a Mystery Trip Look Like?

On the day of your mystery trip, you will arrive at the airport, bag in hand. You’ll be excited and a little nervous—but mostly excited! Once you get to your terminal, you’ll open your mystery packet to discover your destination. Will it be Aruba? That would be an amazing destination! Or maybe you’ll find out you’re going to Los Angeles for the week, or perhaps even Paris or London. You never know! You’ll open the packet and take a look. Hooray! You’re so excited to get started. You never would have guessed this place, and you can’t wait to start exploring. As you sit on the plane, you peruse the packet. You hotel, rental car agency, and tours are all laid out for you, and all you have to do is show up. You don’t even mind the plane ride, because you’re too excited about the trip. Once you land, everything is simple. Get picked up by the taxi. Check in to your hotel. Have fun. It’s that easy!
What does a Mystery Trip Look Like

It might not be the most conventional form of travel, but why not break out of the usual routine? Mystery travel is something fun, different, and unique. After you get back and tell all your friends about it, don’t be surprised if they all book a mystery vacation, too. What an adventure!

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