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10 Unique Things to Do in the Florida Keys

Florida is a popular vacation spot, yet it’s anything but conventional. If you visit the Florida Keys, you’ll find plenty of interesting and odd things to do by the sea, or even under the sea. From haunted dolls to abandoned bat caves to famous houses, you’ll have no lack of excitement in the Keys! Check out a few of these weird activities.

10    The Southernmost Point

Technically, it’s not the furthest south you can go in the U.S., because Hawaii wins that claim by a mile (or, rather, hundreds of miles). Still, it’s fun to say you’ve been as far south as you can get on the continent without a passport stamp.
 - 10 Unique Things to Do in the Florida Keys

9    Hemingway’s Home in Key West

You can visit Ernest Hemingway’s home in Key West. You’ll get to see the $20,000 swimming pool that his angry wife built after hearing about his affair abroad, as well as his “last penny,” the remaining coin that an angry Ernest threw at his wife’s feet to dramatically illustrate his financial ruin.
 - 10 Unique Things to Do in the Florida Keys

8    Blue Hole Freshwater Lake in Big Pine Key

If you have to choose a Florida Key to get stranded on, pick Big Pine Key. Blue Hole Freshwater Lake is the only freshwater lake in all the keys! Surrounding the lake is a deer refuge that protects all types of wildlife.
 - 10 Unique Things to Do in the Florida Keys

7    Truman’s Little White House in Key West

Apparently, President Truman liked the south. Key West is literally as far south as you can get in the continental U.S., and this is where he chose to build his home-away-from-home. Back in the day, it wasn’t too uncommon for presidents to choose to spend most of their time away from the White House, and you have to admit that Key West isn’t a bad choice for a White House alternative. Today, of course, the commander-in-chief sticks to Washington, D.C. and the Truman house is a museum for tourists and school trips.
 - 10 Unique Things to Do in the Florida Keys

6    Historic Bat Tower in Sugarloaf Key

At a first glance, the bat tower seems like a weird thing to go out of your way to see. First of all, it’s creepy. It’s so creepy that even the bats didn’t want to stay. Second of all, why see a bat tower with no bats? When you take a look inside, though, you find the structure to be interesting to explore! Don’t build a trip around it, but do make time to go check out the historic bat tower.
 - 10 Unique Things to Do in the Florida Keys

5    Conch Republic in Key West

The Conch Republic playfully considers itself an independent nation, although it is, of course, just another part of the United States. The area “seceded” as a part of a protest regarding road blocks put up by the government. The protest worked, but the community still celebrates its Independence Day every year… just for the fun of it.
 - 10 Unique Things to Do in the Florida Keys

4    The African Queen in Key Largo

Have you ever seen the Bogart and Hepburn movie The African Queen? If not, go watch it right now! If you have seen it, you’ll be glad to know that the boat did not actually get blown up; rather, it’s floating out in Key West. You can even take a ride on it, and imagine you’re far away in East Africa.
 - 10 Unique Things to Do in the Florida Keys

 3    Captain Tony’s Saloon in Key West

So, have you ever thought about how fun it would be to drink beer under a hanging tree? No? Well, add it to your bucket list, because Captain Tony’s saloon has not only a hanging tree, but also some headstones and bodies beneath the floor. Weird? Yes. Oddly fascinating? Of course.
 - 10 Unique Things to Do in the Florida Keys

2    Robert the Doll in Key West

Robert the Doll was a childhood toy of a local Key West artist, and such strange stories have arisen around the doll that many people are truly convinced that he is possessed. Could the rumors be true? We doubt it, but the stories are delightfully creepy. You can see the doll at the late artist’s mansion, which is now a museum.
 - 10 Unique Things to Do in the Florida Keys

1    Underwater Hotel in Key Largo

Two fathoms below the surface of Florida’s sparkling waters, you’ll find a tiny hotel where you can sleep with the fishes. We mean that it the best possible way, of course… there’s nothing dangerous about the hotel! The rooms are comfortable and dry, but the view outside your window is of the ocean floor and its colorful wildlife.
Florida is known for it’s wild and crazy ways and the Florida Keys have some of the most unusual sites and attractions in the state. Be sure to see some of these unique places on your next trip to the Sunshine State.
 - 10 Unique Things to Do in the Florida Keys

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