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10 Unique Fishing Spots Around the World

Every fishing spot has its own unique quirks and secrets (usually guarded jealously by locals), but some fishing destinations are unique enough to garner international attention. On your next fishing trip, visit one of these interesting and unique locations for something new and exciting.


1. Glacier National Park, Montana

There are over a thousand lakes and streams to fish in Glacier National Park. The most unique thing about fishing here is that in a single day, you can fish both sides of the Continental Divide! Enjoy sunrise on the east side, then head to the west side of the divide and fish all afternoon. The main catches in Glacier National Park are several types of trout. Fortunately for out-of-towners, you don’t need a license to fish here.
Glacier National Park, Montana
2. Crater Lake, Oregon

Have you ever stood in the mouth of a volcano? If you visit Crater Lake, you can fish in one! You can catch kokanee salmon and rainbow trout in the lake. There are strict fishing rules in the park, such as no cleaning fish in the lake and only shore fishing permitted, but you don’t need a license to fish and you can catch as many as you like.
Crater Lake, Oregon
3. Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Fish off the very tip of the American continent, and imagine you’re casting off the end of the world. Argentina’s southernmost point is an excellent place to fly fish sea run brown trout. Many people boast that it’s the best brown trout fly fishing in the world. You’ll have to do it for yourself to find out if they’re right. We suspect that it might be—word has it that the average catch in the Rio Grande is nine pounds!
Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina
4. Krabi, Thailand

If you want the ultimate spearfishing experience, head to Krabi. Spearfishing is definitely more exciting than shore fishing (in the author’s humble opinion), and Krabi is an adventurous location to begin with. Although there are more popular spearfishing sites, Krabi is ideal because of the perpetually nice weather, beautiful underwater landscape, and interesting surrounding region. Hunt grouper, jacks, and snapper as you snorkel through pristine reef.
Krabi, Thailand
5. Lake Baikal, Russia

From late spring to early fall, Lake Baikal is a great place to catch pike and 50 other species of fish. Lake Baikal is a definite bucket list item because it’s the deepest lake in the world and one of the most beautiful. You can fish on your own, charter a boat, or join in a tour. In the end, make sure to have your fish cooked Russian-style by a local!
Lake Baikal, Russia
6. Longquan Xihe Town

For an unusual fishing experience, head to this small town near Chengdu, China. Scaly fish aren’t the draw here—crayfish are! Since these buggy-eyed creatures are much easier to catch than their finned counterparts, you can take along your significant other who stinks at fishing or bring along a child without fear of boredom. Not sure you want to eat a crayfish? Don’t worry, the locals have been doing it for centuries and they’ve mastered the art of cooking them deliciously.
Longquan Xihe Town
7. Ticha Lake, Bulgaria

Bulgaria loves fishing, and the shores of the Black Sea are crowded with locals and visitors craving a good catch. If you want to find a more quiet and lonesome place to cast, head to Ticha Lake. If you like it here and you have the cash, you may even want to take advantage of the low real-estate costs and get a summer home! While the summer home may just be a nice dream for most of us, the fishing in Ticha Lake is a dream come true. Mullet, chub, and pike are quick to bite.
Ticha Lake, Bulgaria
8. Tara River, Montenegro

Trout, Salmon, and Grayling swim in the clear waters of Tara River. Located in the second-deepest canyon in the world, this is a beautiful site to catch your dinner. Fishing tours are especially popular here.
Tara River, Montenegro
9. Socotra Island, Yemen

When you see photos of the fish that people have caught off Socotra Island, you’ll initially think they’re photoshopped. Guess what? They’re not. Those massive GT are the real deal, folks. Sadly, tourism to Yemen is suspended at the time of writing due to dangerous conditions, but hopefully you’ll have a chance to fish there in the future.
Socotra Island, Yemen
10. Nazare, Portugal

Beautiful Nazare is a picturesque fishing village with a long love affair with the sea. When you visit, you can experience the culture of fishing by joining a fishing tour and making your own deep-sea catch.
Nazare, Portugal

Don’t settle for frozen fish sticks; get out and try something awesome. The best meals are the ones you catch and cook yourself! Go earn that dinner, and have fun doing it.


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