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9 Reasons Why Arizona is Way Cooler than California

We Arizonans have a bit of a chip on our shoulder. After all, we’re next door neighbors to the west-coast wonderland of California, and everybody seems to like them better. However, people from the Grand Canyon State know that Arizona is way cooler than California (although not temperature-wise, of course), and we can tell you exactly why. If you’re unaware of Arizona’s awesomeness, please read on and find out what makes our state so great.


1    We Have the Grand Canyon

We may not have Disneyland, but we have the Grand Canyon. Which would you rather have: a fake, little, over-commercialized world full of costumes, or a massive, majestic wonder-of-the-world natural treasure? Disneyland isn’t going to last forever, but the Grand Canyon has been there since just about the beginning of time and it’s not going anywhere soon. It is one of the most fantastic geological masterpieces on the planet! What does California have? The San Andreas Fault and a whole lot of earthquakes. Arizona wins.

We Have The Grand Canyon
2    Our City Traffic is Way Better

If you’ve ever driven in Los Angeles, you know that it just plain sucks. Drive two hours and get nowhere, all while slowly peeling the years off your life with pollution inhalation. Phoenix, on the other hand, offers gorgeous views of the mountains while you zip though the freeways. The streets are nicely planned, and you can get anywhere in the metropolitan area in a decent amount of time. We have exactly six hours of rush hour every day, and the rest of the day is clear sailing. Plus, in our version of rush hour, you can still actually get somewhere.

Our City Traffic Is Way Better


3    We have Strong Native American Culture

Over a fourth of Arizona belongs to Native American reservations. We have over a third of all United States reservation land. There are 22 different tribes in Arizona, creating an incredible diversity of culture and lifestyles. Arizona is also home to many ancient Native sites that have been well-preserved over the centuries. California? They have a lot of Natives and a lot of reservations, they don’t share even close to 25% of their state with reservations. You want the best cultural experience? Come to Arizona.

We Have Strong Native American Culture


4    Our Natural Disasters Are Less Dangerous

And more epic. And have cooler names. Have fun with the earthquakes and stuff, California. We have massive dust storms called “haboobs” that look amazing from an airplane.

Our Natural Disasters Are Less Dangerous


5    We Have the Best Airport in the Country

We may not have as many international airports as California, but ours is a whole lot better! Phoenix Sky Harbor is consistently voted the best airport in the country. The employees are the nicer, the terminals cleaner, and the planes more timely than anywhere else in the United States. Our weather is perfect for flying, so we rarely have delays! Plus, we have a wicked awesome airport museum and artistic carpet, too.

Phoenix Sky Harbor

6    Our Cost of Living is Lower

There’s a reason why ex-Californians are constantly streaming into shiny, new suburbs in Arizona. Our cost of living is so much lower that Californians can sell their ridiculously-overpriced homes and move into veritable mansions in Arizona.

Cost Of Living Is Lower


7    Our Wild West is Wilder

The Gold Rush days of California are long gone. Arizona, however, holds much tighter to its cowboy culture. We still have politicians in cowboy hats and old timey towns like Tombstone (site of the Gunfight at OK Corral) and our most famous ghost town, Jerome.

Our Wild West Is Wilder


8    Our Flag is Cooler

California has a random bear on their flag. We have an awesome star with brilliant rays of light shooting from it. It’s almost as gorgeous as our sunsets… which, incidentally, are also better than California’s.

Our Flag Is Cooler


9    Don’t Forget about Our Unique Natural Wonders

Besides the Grand Canyon, we have a lot of cool places that you can’t find anywhere else. We have the Painted Desert, the Petrified Forest, and Meteor Crater, to name a few. You won’t see that in Cali!

Don’t Forget About Our Unique Natural Wonders


As you can see, Arizona is not just the boring version of California with no beaches. In fact, we’re not only a state of our very own, we’re (in our own opinion) the coolest state in the union! You may be So-Cal, but we are so not Cal! We’re Arizonans through and through: a diverse, Mexican-food eating bunch of Southwesterners who live in the most uniquely beautiful place on the continent. Still not convinced? Come visit and see for yourself!


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