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6 Illegal Activities You Can Do Abroad But Not in the US

Let’s be real: there’s not a lot of stuff that the Land of the Free actually restricts. Sure, there are still some weird laws on the books (“Women are not allowed to drive on Main Street,” “Chickens cannot cross the road”), but these are usually outdated local laws that nobody ever bothered removing. Short of morally wrong actions like murder and theft, citizens of the United States are free to do pretty much whatever they want

Maybe this vast freedom is the reason that those few illegal activities seem so fascinating and enticing! Most Americans would love to get behind the wheel of a wicked fast car in Europe or smoke a cigar in Cuba. In fact, many Americans go abroad to do just that! Here are six more illegal things that you can’t do on American soil, but you can do elsewhere. Which of these would you do?

1    Buy Kinder Surprise Eggs

Kinder Surprise Eggs are chocolate eggs with little toys inside. Way cooler than a toy in a cereal box, right? Sadly, American children will never experience the joy of these treats. The FDA has banned them for two reasons: it’s illegal to sell a product that has something inedible inside something edible, and it poses a choking hazard. Well, maybe this law isn’t so bad. Still, that wouldn’t keep us from trying one if we saw it for sale abroad.
Kinder Surprise Eggs
2    Eat Puffer Fish

Choking hazards sound tame when compared with the risk of death associated with ingesting puffer fish. If not cooked just right, a puffer fish is a deadly meal. Chefs have to be specially trained, and even then, occasional poisonings are reported. The United States does not allow puffer fish to be sold for food, but some Asian countries do. It’s a meal of a lifetime… or the last meal of your lifetime.
Puffer Fish
3    Drink and Drive

You can’t do it in the States without a big risk and a stiff fine, but other places in the world don’t mind. You might be surprised to find out that there is a long list of countries without open container laws. The combination of alcohol and two ton automobiles sounds like a horrible idea, considering how many people die in alcohol-related accidents. Thanks, but no thanks. I think I’ll walk instead.
Drink And Drive
4    Go Naked in Public

No matter how “enlightening and natural” some people claim nude beaches can be, we’re just not buying it. American laws are don’t require a lot of clothing, but they do generally require that you wear it at all times while in public! Take a trip to Europe, and you’ll find that’s not the case. In Germany, you can stand butt-naked in your front yard, as long as it’s private property. In France, you can chill on pretty much any beach in the buff. Oddly, you can’t wear a burka. You can take off all your clothing, but not cover up too much. That seems a little strange to us.
Go Naked In Public
5    Own a Sawed-Off Shotgun

You can own almost any gun you want in the United States, but not a shotgun with the barrel sawed off. We’re not actually sure why, but it doesn’t sound like an improvement on a regular shotgun, anyway. However, citizens can own sawed-off shotguns in Panama! Don’t get your hopes up about getting one while you’re there, though—this law only applies to Panamanians. If you must have one, be prepared to file for residency, import a gun, and/ or buy a pre-registration era gun after long and arduous background checks.
Own A Sawed Off Shotgun
6    Marry Multiple People

We all know this is illegal and happens anyway in the United States. Still, it can mean big trouble for those who are caught with seven wives. If you’re dying to have that many women in your house to keep happy (no thanks), there are still a lot of countries that allow polygamy. The Middle East and Africa are full of nations that accept polyamorous unions legally, socially, or both. Strangely enough, it’s not unheard of for people to emigrate from Western countries to the Middle East or Africa in order to start a polygamous lifestyle. We’ll stick to our monogamous relationships.
Marry Multiple People


What do you think? Are these ridiculous laws, or should they be lifted? Would you walk around your neighborhood in the nude if you could, or are you glad that you don’t have to see everybody else’s skin? Would you risk your life for a bite of fish, or are you content with tuna? Let us know your opinions in the comments!


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