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Sail with Superheroes on Marvel Day at Sea Cruises

Disney cruises are known for being especially fun, and the only thing that could possibly make them better is an appearance by Spiderman! Well, it’s just your luck, because Spiderman—and the Avengers—have joined the adventure! For Marvel fans everywhere, the Marvel Day at Sea by Disney Line Cruise is the best opportunity of the year. In fall of 2017, you can add Marvel Day at Sea to your Disney cruise! Here’s all about this special cruise addition and the Disney cruises you can join next fall.


Who:    Super heroes like Thor, Spiderman, and Captain America are joining this super fun cruise! Not only can you meet all your favorite Marvel and Disney characters, but you’ll also get to hang out with plenty of other Marvel fans. This cruise is a great choice for families with kids, but kids at heart will love it, too. Whether you’re retired, honeymooning, or want to have a great time as a family, Marvel fans couldn’t find a better vacation than this.
Thor Marvel Day At Sea
What:    There are three different cruises to choose from at Disney Cruise Lines this fall. You can take a seven day cruise through the coast of Canada, a seven day cruise through the Bahamas, or an eight day cruise through the Bahamas. The eight day cruises include Marvel Day at Sea, which is a great big party on the deck of one of Disney’s fabulous cruise ships! This celebration includes a movie marathon, tons of appearances from heroes and villains, and plenty of great photo opportunities.
During your time on the ship, you’ll discover that Disney cruises are the most fun ones available. You’ll be entertained with Disney magic from start to finish, so get ready for a fun week for both children and adults! At every turn, you’ll meet Disney characters to make your time perfectly magical. You’ll get to attend Broadway-level shows every day, if you like, and dine at top-notch restaurants on board. There are pool areas that are themed after Disney settings, and Disney movies are available for viewing both inside and outside the ship. Families can enjoy lots of fun together with family trivia nights, games, and other activities. Kids will love the activity center just for them, teens will dig the spaces and activities set up just for them, and parents will love time to themselves at the spa or the adult-only dining areas.
When you disembark at your excursion destinations, you’ll find even more to capture your attention! From tropical islands to golden coastlines to Disney theme parks, there is plenty to see and do. You’ll wish you had twice as much time to explore!
Disney Magic Pool

Where:    Cruises depart from New York. There are two destination options: Canada and the Bahamas. The Bahamian cruises include a day at Walt Disney World in Florida, time spent at a private Disney island, and plenty of Marvel-themed fun on board the cruise ship. The Canadian cruise takes travelers down the stunning coast of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, where the fall colors are spectacular in the autumn. There are several stops along the beautiful Canadian coast before the ship’s return to New York. If you want to enjoy Marvel Day at Sea, be sure to book the eight-day Bahamian cruise.
Disney Magic Cruise Ship

Why:    Because it’s fun! Themed cruises add a novelty and uniqueness to what is already a popular vacation option. Cruises are a great way to plan a package vacation in a single step. Your accommodations, meals, and activities are all included, so all you have to do is hop on and enjoy the ride. Many people complain that cruises get boring after a day or two, but this is not the case on Disney cruises! In fact, there’s so much to do that it’s hard to know where to start. A Marvel-themed Disney cruise is a great vacation option because it’s so entirely carefree, relaxing, and entertaining. You can’t ask for much more than that, expect maybe a visit from Mickey Mouse. Oh, wait—Disney cruises have those, too!

Superman Marvel Day At Sea
When:    Any week in October or November, 2017. There are seven and eight night cruises available. The eight-night cruise includes Marvel Day at Sea. If you have a specific week in mind, be sure to book ahead of the crowds.


How:    Go to the Disney Cruise website and pick the cruise that’s right for you and your family. Plan your vacation, book your cruise, pack your bags, and enjoy the vacation!

Disney Magic Cruise Ship
Cruises are a great vacation choice, especially for groups that vary in age. Kids and adults alike will find plenty of activities and entertainment onboard and families will find a value in the all inclusive price. The Disney Marvel Day at Sea amps up the excitement for kids of all ages with superheroes and supervillains from the Marvel universe adding to the fun!



  1. Hannah
    January 5, 2017 - 5:27 am

    This looks like so much fun! I’ve never been a huge cruise person, but I would totally take a cruise to get to be around these superheroes. I definitely agree that it’s something everyone can enjoy, not just families. I would love a visit from Mickey Mouse! I’ll definitely be looking into this!

  2. Sandra
    January 5, 2017 - 10:05 am

    My fiance will love this! I had no clue superheroes cruises is a thing, the boys must have a lot of fun onboard that cruise haha. I just checked it out and 3k is a lot less than what I’ve expected, and it’s great that they’re family friendly because, let’s face it, a lot of teens will beg their parents to go.

  3. Rachael Mills
    January 6, 2017 - 1:08 am

    I so much fantasize about cruises and hope to be on one someday and this would have been a perfect opportunity but unfortunately, I have plans for October and can’t be at Newyork then. I will call my sister’s attention to this may be she and her family can go it will definitely be an awesome experience especially for kids.

  4. Victor
    January 6, 2017 - 6:49 pm

    Holy molly, that is one kickass cruise! Kids can enjoy their favorite superheroes and their parents can have time for themselves, double win. Yes, as you could tell, I’m not big on superheroes but my son is superhero-obsessed.

  5. Britanica
    January 7, 2017 - 9:57 pm

    Thanks for the information here. My sister’s twin boys have been wanting to go anywhere there is superheros for the last 3 years. They are obsessed! I am going to email this page to her. I wouldn’t mind going on this cruise with them! haha It sounds like a great way to have the kids be entertained but enough fun for the parents as well. And who doesn’t love a peaceful cruise over open waters?


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