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Touring New Zealand by RV

Many people have a lifelong dream of visiting New Zealand. Few, however, recognize one of the best ways to do this! Touring New Zealand by RV is one of the best, easiest, and most budget-friendly ways to see a beautiful corner of the earth. Think it sounds great, but not sure how to go about touring New Zealand by RV? Fear not, for we have complied everything you need to know about seeing New Zealand in an RV.

Why Go RVing?

Why go RVing? Why not see New Zealand the traditional way, by staying in hotels and renting a car? For starters, renting an RV can be a lot cheaper. For example, a large vehicle with a shower and toilet that sleeps six costs around 300 New Zealand Dollars per night. If you have fewer people in your group, costs will be half this. Accommodations for six would usually be slightly more than 300 NZ Dollars for a basic motel room, plus you’d also have to rent a car.

Another factor is the freedom that comes with an RV. You can drive as much or as little as you like, and you can be flexible with where you choose to stay. Besides, you won’t have to keep loading and unloading your vehicle at every stop, and you’ll have the privacy of an independent space for you and your family. If none of these things matter to you, we know one thing that will: the fun element. RVing is fun, and it’s a new and unique thing to do if you’ve never tried it before. It’s like camping, but without the bugs and rain.

Why Go RVing?


Where to Rent

There are plenty of places to rent an RV in New Zealand. For a cheap rental, check out Wendekreisen, Wilderness Motorhomes and Euro Campers. Wicked Campervans also rents cheap RVs, but they are usually decorated to appeal to the rebellious crowd, so parents might not want their kiddos hanging out in a van with a bizarre and slightly offensive slogan on the side. You can also go with a luxury company, like Walkabout Rentals. This company offers new, hardly-touched vehicles for rent so that you don’t have to worry about any of the problems that come with older RVs.

Where To Rent


How to Choose an RV

Choosing an RV can seem overwhelming to those unfamiliar with RV camping, but let us assure you that it’s not as hard as it sounds. When picking an RV, consider the size you need. Who is going with you? What sort of space should each person have? Are those kid-sized bunks going to fit your lanky teenager? What about mom and dad—is there enough separation from the giggling kids in the fold-out couch? Is that bed going to hurt anyone’s back? Make sure the size and comfort level of the sleeping quarters are going to be suitable. The last thing you want is a vacation full of crabby, tired campers. If you pick the right RV, your trip will be a blast!

Besides this, think of the amenities you want. Is the shower big enough? Or, do you really need an oven? Don’t pay for stuff you don’t need, but also don’t suffer because you didn’t think about the need for an actual table.

Be sure to stay in budget. If the company you’re looking for doesn’t have what you want for the price you need, keep looking. Think about what’s necessary for both your comfort and your wallet.

Finally, think about the quality of RV you want. If you’re a group of college boys, you’ll probably be just finer with an old, low-quality thing that takes you where you need to go and that’s it. If you’re retired and taking a dream trip through New Zealand, maybe you’ll want to splurge a little.

How To Choose An RV



Check to see what sort of insurance is offered, too. If you’re traveling from outside of New Zealand, you may need extra coverage for the sheer fact that you’re jetlagged and not used to the roads. Be sure to purchase enough insurance to protect you from theft, accidents, and perhaps even dings and scratches. Much of the required insurance is, by law, included in your campervan rental cost. Things like getting medivacked out the country if you drive off a cliff, however, are not. So get insurance! Don’t be paranoid about money, but rather spend your time having fun.




Driving in New Zealand is no big deal, as long as you have the proper license. You can use your foreign or international driver’s license, as long as it’s current and in English. If you need to get your license translated into English, a travel agency in New Zealand with the proper certification can do it for you, or you can have it done at an embassy.



Where to Camp

This is the best part! Choosing where to camp is fun, even if it is a hard decision to make. There are literally hundreds of great camping spots in New Zealand, so take some time to go through them and find the ones that appeal to you most. To give you some inspiration, we’ll share some of our favorites with you. By the way, be sure to get a Conservation Campsite Pass to save money on campsite fees.

Smith’s Farm Holiday Park in Marlborough Sounds is a fun place for families to stay. It has actual animals, fun sports activities, and places to explore nature.

Wanaki Kiwi Campsite Park is a lakeside camping park with all the amenities. A shower, pool, and even a hot tub await you, when you’re not busy hanging out at the nearby lake.

Totaranui Camground is perfect for those who would like to get out into nature. Although this campsite can accommodate up to 850 people, there is plenty of space to get away from everyone and just enjoy the great outdoors. The best part of this place is the beach!
Totaranui Camground


So there you have it! There’s no better way to see New Zealand than to travel by RV. You can save money, see more, and have control over your days when you rent a campervan to explore the country. Enjoy the best of New Zealand in the best way possible!


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