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10 Best Places for a Family Reunion

Family reunions are a blast! It’s fun to watch all the siblings reconnect, see the cousins form best friendships, and hear the childhood stories get retold again and again. The main problem for planning is reunion is where to hold it and where to house everyone. There are plenty of fun and creative venues to pick! If you’re looking for something new and different, check out this list to see the ten best places for a family reunion. Maybe you’ll start a new family tradition!


1    Campsite

Some of the best childhood memories are made while camping. The outdoor nature of the excursion, the adventure, the fun… there’s nothing like getting into the woods to play! The other thing that makes tromping through the woods better is adding cousins into the mix. One great place to go camping with your family is Redwoods River Resort and Campground in California. This is a good choice because it includes all the outdoor living you could hope for, but also has comfortable cabins for those who do not particularly enjoy roughing it. Pack your marshmallows and get ready for a fun time in nature!
Camp Site
2    Camp

A good twist on the camping experience is to rent an actual summer camp! If you have a big enough group, you can rent out an entire campsite and have it all to yourself. There are plenty of perks to this: having a kitchen space, cabins for everyone, fun things to do, and space to explore. Have fun canoeing, hiking, playing Frisbee and doing all the fun summer camp activities you remember from your childhood! Aldersgate Camp in Kentucky is one awesome option, and there are other camps all over the world.
Family Camp
3    Rent a Castle

No, not kidding! You’d be surprised how inexpensive it actually is to rent a castle in Great Britain. You can actually find castles for rent all over Europe! You don’t have to be the royal family to live like royalty. While the available castles aren’t exactly Buckingham Palace, they are charming, fun, and often lavish. Airbnb has tons of great options, including Wilton Castle in Ireland. You can also choose from a variety of other castle styles and sizes, from gatehouses with the bare necessities to huge castles with the deluxe treatment.
Rent A Castle Wilton Castle
4    Stay in a Resort

Resort living is one of the most expensive but least stressful family reunion styles. The kids can run around and do whatever they want, while adults can relax and not worry about planning the next activity or the next meal. There are a ton of cool resorts out there, but a definitely kid favorite is the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel. If the overload of bright colors and multitude of giant LEGO figures doesn’t appeal to you, another good Florida option is the Lago Mar Beach Club and Resort.
Stay In A Resort LEGOLAND Resort Hotel
5    Lake House

Staying in a lake house is a great way to enjoy family reunions in the summertime. While this may be a bit stressful for families with small children, who must watch them at every moment, families with mostly older kids and teens can relax and spend time together while the kids swim off their energy. Ralem Retreat at Lake Lanier is a great place to stay, since it sleeps twenty (and we all know you can cram way more people than that in a house when it comes to family reunions).
Lake House
6    Dude Ranch

BSZ Ranch in California is one of many great dude ranches to rent for your family reunion. Your whole family can live the Wild West life for a few days, doing the ranch chores, hanging out with the horses, and of course, eating great big ranch style meals. This is a fun and unique way to get the family together in to have an active and fun experience! Make some fun memories on the ranch and inspire the imaginations of the kids.
Dude Ranch
7    Plantation

Rent out the rooms of a large house on a sprawling plantation in the South. Bocage Plantation is a wonderful place to take the whole family; it’s even decorated in historic style! The house in not far terribly from New Orleans, and it has everything you could need for a wonderful stay, including breakfast. Adults will love the luxurious bedrooms, while kids will delight in the huge grassy areas around the house. Can you say “football?”
Bocage Plantation
8    Go on a Cruise

One of the most fun, fancy, and (believe it or not) economical ways to travel all-inclusive is to take a cruise. The Celebration cruise line offers low-prices cruises from Florida to the Caribbean, where you can engage in fun excursions and sightsee. Cruises are great because everybody is essentially in the same place, but people can do their own thing or head back to their cabin when they need some space. There’s also a lot to do for all ages!
Go On A Cruise
9    Take a Volunteer Trip

Do some good with your family during your next get-together! There are many ways you can volunteer with your whole family, all over the world. One great organization to partner with is i6eight, a group that builds homes and brings hope to families in northern Mexico. They offer family-friendly building trips where you can construct a home and make new friends across the border. You can also volunteer pretty much anywhere you have a family reunion—your local rescue mission or food bank for a few hours to make a difference together. This is a great way to teach kids community care skills while showing them that helping out can be fun.
Volunteer Trip
10    Rent a Huge Home

Mansions are big enough for everyone, and they can cost less than hotel rooms for the same amount of people. Plus, you get total privacy for your family, and maybe even a cool pool. Book a mansion that sleeps 30 or more in Scottsdale, Arizona for the ultimate luxe home-away-from-home vacation. Scottsdale is close to plenty of shopping, hiking, and more. It’s also a short drive from downtown Phoenix, where you can find plenty of family fun.

Rent A Huge Home


Planning a family reunion vacation can seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be. These are some great ideas for fun, unique places to go for your reunion that will keep everyone happy.

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