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11 Best Value Destinations for Australians

There’s no doubt about it: Australians love to travel! With so many places to go and so little time, it’s important to find great destinations that fit your lifestyle and your budget. There’s no point in trying to travel to faraway places that you can barely afford. Lower spending per trip means more traveling, after all! If you’re in Australia and looking for a way to get out without breaking the bank, then check out these best value destinations for Australians. From Vancouver to Vietnam, you can’t beat these places for fun holidays with low costs.


1    New Zealand

As far as price goes, you can never beat the ticket price from Australia to New Zealand! A neighbor and friend, New Zealand is always open to welcome Australians to its sun-soaked shores for a little variety on the Pacific life. With relatively cheap plane tickets, getting to New Zealand is pretty easy. Plus, the current exchange rate is slightly in the favor of Australians, making everything else just a bit more affordable.
New Zealand
2    Bali

I know, I know: Bali is the typical Australian holiday destination. Still, good classics never grow old. Indonesia’s most beautiful vacation spot is a forever classic for Australian travelers. It fits within most international travel budgets, and you can easily find good deals on food, fun, and lodgings. There are endless things to do here, and the whole place is simply beautiful! Here’s a tip: skip the wine and you’ll save even more. Word on the street is that it’s taxed pretty heavily these days.
3    Vancouver

Canada? Isn’t that kind of far away? Canada may not be one of Australia’s closest neighbors, but it’s still an affordable destination. A trip to Vancouver from the east side of Australia is pretty easily done, and the big city doesn’t charge too much for a fun and comfortable holiday. Currently, the Australian dollar and the Canadian dollar are worth exactly the same amount, so while you won’t be losing anything in the exchange rate, you also won’t be gaining costs. Plus, pretty much everything in Canada costs less. Vancouver is also a nice break from the typical holiday to a Pacific island or Asian destination.
4    Vietnam

Vietnam is another Australian budget destination, and it’s still worth visiting. Pick a good city with lots of options, and you’ll be sue to find things within your budget. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are pretty cheap, and you can stay in a room rather than a hotel without dropping a lot of money on accommodations. Vietnam is a good place to get out and see nature, which is almost always cheap or free, and it’s also a country where bartering is the norm.
5    Fiji

Flights to Fiji are surprisingly cheap, considering the beauty and popularity of this destination. You can find decently priced accommodations, and luckily for Australian travelers, the exchange rate is definitely in the favor of the Australian dollar. While prices in Fiji seem to be on an upward swing, the great exchange rate still makes it a good budget destination for Australians.
6    Samoa

There are many islands in Samoa; some are more expensive and some are less expensive, but most don’t have prohibitive costs. The best two islands to visit are Upolu and Savai’I. If you avoid expensive resorts and don’t eat and drink expensively, Samoa is definitely not expensive, as far as island holidays go. If you opt for basic accommodations and spend time at the beach instead of on expensive tours, then you’ll be amazed at how low the cost of Samoa can be!
7    Thailand

Thailand is a great Asian destination for Australians, and it’s not terribly expensive. The trip cost varies from city to city, of course, and staying in popular tourist areas that aren’t in the center spotlight usually gives you the best deal possible. Chiang Mai is a particularly good deal, and it’s also less crowded than Bangkok and other popular city destinations. If you must visit Bangkok, you’ll still be able to find fairly good deals if you look around and don’t jump on expensive hotels.
8    Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are as close as you can get to paradise on earth! This may not sound like a place you can travel on a budget, but you may be surprised to learn that it’s not only possible, but easy. The key is to be OK with simplicity. Don’t be dying for WiFi, resorts, and fine dining, you’ll be able to take advantage of the local-oriented (and much cheaper) holiday options. Besides, traveling local is the way to go—you end up learning more about a place and seeing things you’d have otherwise missed.
Cook Islands

9    Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of those places where you can spend a whole lot or just a little. Like anywhere else, opt for budget accommodations and don’t take expensive tours. Usually, you’ll be able to find interesting things to do in Sri Lanka for just a few dollars apiece. Plus, bargaining is a part of life in Sri Lanka, bringing down your costs even more.
Sri Lanka
10    Malaysia

Stick to local if you want a budget holiday in Malaysia. While plane tickets are fairly cheap for budget travelers from Australia, other things can get expensive, if you’re not careful. However, it is easy to stick to a low budget: opt for home stay rather than resorts, eat at roadside hawker stalls rather than fancy restaurants, and explore the area on your own rather than taking expensive tours. Stick to getting around local style and you’ll have great luck staying under budget!
11    Hawaii

The United States is not one of the best value destinations for Australians; however, Hawaii is a notable exception. At 2,500 miles closer to Australia than the rest of the United States, tickets to Hawaii are far less expensive. Hawaii is a fun way to see American culture in combination with Pacific Islands culture, and it’s a good U.S. experience that doesn’t require flying halfway across the world.


From exotic island getaways to bustling urban centres, Australians have a lot of choices when it comes to overseas travel that won’t bust the budget. Try these best value destinations for your next holiday adventure.

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