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Favorite Overseas Destinations for Australians

Anywhere you go, you’re bound to meet an Australian! People from Down Under seem to get out and about quite a lot, and they go all over the world. However, there are some destinations that call to Australians more than others. Some make perfect sense, while others— well, we can only guess why so many Australians decide to go to those places! If you’re hoping to hang out with some Aussies, or just want to know where they go, check out this list of top overseas destinations for Australians. This is what the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported as the top ten most frequent destinations for Australians in 2015.


1    New Zealand

It’s easy to see why New Zealand is the top destination for Australians! The most obvious factor is proximity. This contributes to both low travel times and low costs. Also, the culture is fairly similar, making it a comfortable place to spend a foreign holiday. However, aside from these factors, it’s also just a great place to visit! New Zealand has some of the most beautiful, lush environments in the world. It also boasts incredible coastlines and fantastic hiking. Plus, it also has Hobbiton, something that everybody should see at least once in their lifetime.
New Zealand
2    Indonesia

Indonesia is also fairly close to Australia, making it a good place to get out and see a new culture. Indonesia has about 1,700 islands, so there’s plenty of room for Australians to spread out and see everything. It also has some of the greatest biodiversity in the world as well as ethnic diversity, making it a country with endless opportunity for adventure and learning.
3    U.S.A.

Although the United States is pretty far away from Australia, it remains a top destination. In fact, the US is the most popular long distance destination for Australians. Maybe this has to do with a lack of language barrier as well as the hundreds of thousands of destinations within the country. There’s a lot to see and do in the States: mountains, deserts, grasslands, and wide open spaces. Florida is a great family vacation destination, with theme parks including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, proximity to great beaches, and world class golf. There are plenty of places that are culturally unique, especially cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and even Nashville. It’s also a place where Australians can experience cold weather activities — during the time of the year when Australia is enjoying summer!
4    UK

Many Australians still have ties to the United Kingdom, including family members to visit and heritage to discover. The United Kingdom and Australia are still well connected, which makes it the best European country for Australians to visit. Although the United Kingdom is also an island, there are a lot of difference between the UK and Australia. The sheer length of written history is fascinating to Australians, and the vestiges of the Middle Ages are an interesting thing to see. Modern culture in the UK is also very attractive to Australians, who want to experience the London life for a holiday.
5    Thailand

Thailand, and especially Bangkok, welcomes many Australian visitors every year. Thailand’s colorful and ancient culture is incredibly different from the equally interesting history of Australia, which makes it a fun place for Australians to explore without flying too far away from home. Thailand has great food, beautiful old temples, timeless traditions and an element of cutting-edge modernity that make it a great destination for Australians. And everyone else.
6    China

The massive nation of China sees plenty of Australian tourists. A decent portion of Australians have Chinese ancestry, which encourages these Australians, and likely their friends, to see China for themselves. There’s plenty to do within China, and Australians enjoy taking tours within the country. Beijing is a popular destination for tourists, as is Hong Kong. The typical Chinese respect for the ancient and love of technology and innovation makes Chinese cities and incredible place to visit! It doesn’t hurt that the cost of a plane ticket from Australia to China is enticingly low.
7    Singapore

Another popular destination for Australians is Singapore. Singapore is a small country, but it is incredibly technologically-forward, has eco-friendly policies that put other nations to shame, and contains an incredible mix of diversity in nearly all sectors. Singapore has jaw-dropping hotels, arts that incorporate both Eastern and Western elements, and endless tourist attractions. It also speaks English as a major language, including English on major signs and in schools. This mix of Eastern and Western elements makes Singapore a perfect destination for Australians to explore while still being able to communicate comfortably.
8    Fiji

The Pacific island nation of Fiji is about the same distance from Australia as New Zealand is. Of its 330 islands, 110 are inhabited and many more are open to exploration by tourists. Like Australia, Fiji has a history of British rule that left behind some similar cultural elements in both countries. Fiji is one of the most economically advanced Pacific islands, thanks in great part to its popular tourism industry. It’s most common visitors are—you guessed it—Australians! About 350 thousand Australians visit Fiji every year to enjoy beautiful beaches, boat cruises, and cultural experiences.
9    Japan

Japan’s high-tech modern culture is a major draw for Australians looking for the perfect urban holiday. Fast-paced cities like Tokyo have plenty of dining, nightlife, shopping, and fun for Australian travelers! However, the rural side of Japan also brings in many visitors from Down Under. Japan is home to many beautiful landscapes, pristine beaches, national parks, and traditional communities. Mount Fuji’s iconic slopes and the beautiful island of Shinjuku Gyoen are two of Japan’s top attractions.
10    India

Of all the countries listed here, it is perhaps India that holds the greatest charm and mystery for Australian travelers. This kaleidoscope of color, culture, and lifestyles is a siren’s song (in the best way possible!) for Australian tourists. Sights like the Taj Mahal and the immense temples that dot the country are top locations for Australian visitors to tour, and the exotic wildlife— like elephants, tigers, and anything else out of The Jungle Book—hold much fascination for Australians.


Australians love to travel, especially to these ten places! If you go to any of these destinations, you’re bound to see Australians in any given tour group. If Australians know how to find a good holiday destination (and we know they do), then why not take a hint from Down Under and try a few of these for yourself?


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